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My son is 6 years old. He is having cavities in his 10- 12 milk teeth. Now his permanent teeth are coming but i am noticing he is having cavity on those teeth also. He is brushing two times a day regularly. What can be done to prevent it? Hr also having somr light yellow spots on this teeth.Really worried.


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aoa .better we see him one time. he might be having MIH . teeth are mild yellow in some part with week structure and are prone to early caries and loss.


MBBS, BDS, MSC, RACDS (Sydney), | Islamabad

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please book an appointment for detailed examination and treatment


Dentistry, Masters of Public Health | Karachi

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mixed dentition means few new permanent teeth are coming and milky or deciduous are shedding off.go and get filling done in those teeth where its needed because u have to restore them till they shed off.dont do fillings in those who are about to shed off like they have 2-4 months. consult some good dentist.


BDS, MCPS (Oral Surgery) | Karachi

don't worry, apparently he does not have cavities in his permanent teeth. the temporary teeth with cavities, meant to stay till the age of 10-12 years, should be filled. it's good to see parents showing concern about the dental health of their children.


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Flouride varnish can be done to prevent caries on permanent ones n for the deciduous,filling should be done to stop further caries.


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For the permanant teeth, get flouride varnish done on them to prevent further caries.


Caries seem to be on decidous teeth and permanent teeth dont seem to be involved. However, complete examination is required before reaching to any conclusion


BDS, RDS | Islamabad

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Dear parents picture dont show any caries on permanent teeth
if patient has pain in milk teeth u can consult dentist for better results .


Aoa...the permanent tooth is fine,the decay is on milk teeth.. no need to worry..
however do have a thorough clinical examination

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