Teeth Fixation

Aoa My sister is 11 y old she fell in her school a week ago and her front tooth got out of her mouth we rushed her to hospital and she underwent a surgery for tooth fixation now doctor told us to visit after 10 days to carry out the treatment further I want to know what will be the procedure as doctor told she should have to get braces is there any other way to get treated? Doctors prescription is attached below


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i think they treating corectly. go to nishtar dental peads ward


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For avulsion its Good treatment that Dentist prescribe But for Ortho,should be asessed clinically and by X ray OPG and lateral Ceph


Talha Ashar Nasir

They are doing the right treatment. However, she may need to undergo root canal treatment of the affected tooth.


Xara Omer

Yes the avulsed teeth is fixed by coaxial wire for 2 weeks .IF the tooth is fixed on follow up then well and good ..the wire is now removed .
But if not fixed the wire can still be prolonged more for 1 week .
Usually it is fixed by this time .
Now the doctor will access that the tooth is vital or not by testing it with hot instrument .
Usually prognosis is always not in favour and tooth requires root canal treatment (dead ker k fill ker detay hain ) .
Well this is what i do .
Never miss the follow up and you have not mentioned which tooth ?
And how u carried that tooth to clinic (in which medium ).
The broken tooth should always be carried to clinic in milk or saliva for bestest prognosis and time to reach clinic is the key point in success .
Any how do share the follow up xray and hot pulp vitality test for further guidance .


Xara Omer

What is the situation now ? Do u feel that it is fixed now ? Is the wire there ?