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Asking for Other, Female, 10 years old, Railway station

What is the correct age to get braces????

Dentist in Muzaffar Garh - Dr. Muhammad Siddique Arain

Dr. Muhammad Siddique Arain - Dentist

BDS, RDS, OMSB (Muscat Oman) | Muzaffar Garh


53 Positive Reviews

screening age is 8 Years.....we assess Bone Tissue and teeth problems

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Sakina Quresh

Dr. Sakina Quresh - Dentist

BDS | Karachi


23 Positive Reviews

examination age is 8 to 9 years we examine the case and then suggest treatment accordingly if ur child is 10 ye old then you should go to ur dentist for braces examination

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Abdul Rahman Khan

Dr. Abdul Rahman Khan - Dentist

BDS, FCPS* (Orthodontics) | Karachi

as salam u alaikum this is an ideal time to start treatment... feel free to contact me I am an assistant professor in the same field...

Dentist in Multan - Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Ahmad

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Ahmad - Dentist

BDS, FCPS (Endodontics & Restorative), C-Ortho, C-Implant | Multan


158 Positive Reviews

varies case to case ,
12 years average,
but growth modification require earlier check up

Dentist in Quetta - Dr. Talha Asad Tareen

Dr. Talha Asad Tareen - Dentist

BDS, MDS (Operative Dentistry) | Quetta


7 Positive Reviews

This is the ideal age to get braces. Proper evaluation and detailed examination/interview is required. Better to consult a Marham verified orthodontist for all radiographic and clinical assessment. Follow @tareensdental for more oral and dental health related tips.

Dentist in Rahim Yar Khan - Dr. Ramsha Saeed

Dr. Ramsha Saeed - Dentist

B.D.S. R.D.S. M.C.P.S. Cert - Implantology Cert - Orthodontics | Rahim Yar Khan


15 Positive Reviews

There is exactly no age. Braces depend on the extent of how worse the condition of your teeth is. For that you will need proper check up.

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Shumaila Bano

Between the ages of 9 and 14

Dentist in Islamabad - Dr. Salma Ali Khan

Dr. Salma Ali Khan - Dentist

BDS, Certificate in Aesthetics Dentitry (UK), Certificate Restorative Rentistry | Islamabad


13 Positive Reviews

No age dependent treatment now , check with orthodontist problem is the issue

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Sipi Altaf

Dr. Sipi Altaf - Dentist

BDS | Lahore


1 Positive Reviews

Ideally around 12years, but for some cases interceptive treatment is required which may start as early as 5 years. If you feel that the teeth or jaws are not in proportion you should consult a dentist.

Dentist in Peshawar - Dr. Yusaf Imran

Dr. Yusaf Imran - Dentist

BDS , MDS (Orthodontics) | Peshawar


65 Positive Reviews

The ideal age depends on type of malocclusion and the treatment plan of the patient . For best treatment plan the patient records are needed which aren’t provided here . Please visit us or any other Qualified Orthodontist for best treatment plan

Dentist in Lahore - Dr. Imran Zia

Dr. Imran Zia - Dentist

BDS (Pb) , RDS , C-Implants (Korea) | Lahore


378 Positive Reviews

From 12 years onwards

Dentist in Karachi - Dr. Fasiha Kazi

Dr. Fasiha Kazi - Dentist

BDS | Karachi


2 Positive Reviews

When all your permanent teeth have erupted, around 12 years of age. However, in some cases, treatment is started early, so you can tell the patient to go to your dentist now at 10 years of age for a consultation.

Dentist in Islamabad - Dr. Maliha Mumtaz

Dr. Maliha Mumtaz - Dentist

BDS, C-implant,RDS,Pgt FCPS Orthodontics | Islamabad

There is no single correct age. visit your dentist regularly,some problems can be catered with minimal treatment if caught earlier

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