White Patch Inside Mouth

I noticed a thickened, hardened white patch in my mouth today. It is on the inside of my right cheek. It doesn't burn or hurt like normally mouth ulcers do. The white patch is not smooth, and rough to touch and feel. I tried rubbing and cleaning with toothbrush and it wouldn't go away. What it could be and does it need medical attention?


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there can be multiple reasons .
1. burn due to eating hot stuff which should go away itself .
2. cheek biting
3. oral lesions like lichen planus etc .

to rule out what it is , best to get it checked by a dentist.


This is a common condition called frictional keratosis..... usually happens
due to persistent and repeated cheek biting......if you do not use paan ,
chalia and gutka then no need to worry about it , if you do then I
recommend getting a biopsy done. Still its a good idea to visit a
maxillofacial surgeon to rule out any dangerous problem


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It is know as Linea alba is a common, benign hardening of the mucosa inside of the mouth due to excess keratin. Occurring more frequently in adults than in children, it appears as a white line along the insides of the cheeks, where the top and bottom teeth rest on each other..no need to worry its normal thing and you dont need any medicine


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U really need to see dentist or oral surgeon it might not b dangerous but proper consultation is must