Shortsightedness/ Myopia

I was diagnosed with shortsightedness in 2009 when I went to Eye Specialist Dr. Tariq Humayun sheikh(Khan Clinic,Lhr). and was suggested glasses with -2.5, sph, 6/6 and doctor told me to come to me again after purchasing glasses.I went to doctor again after buying glasses. Doctor checked the glasses with some machine and said these are not right and marked the glasses with his marker for guiding the glasses-maker. after the corrected alignment glasses, I started wearing glasses and within months my eyesight improved to -1.5 from -2.5 when I checked it again from Dr.Tariq Saeed (Zainab Hospital,Lhr). That glasses broke and I bought new one but never make the glasses checked from any Doctor again till today and my eyesight is still at -1.5.


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