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Talk to General Practitioner on B12 Deficiency


I have diagnosed with B12 deficiency before 6mos, I had h. pylori also but recover from it on 2020 Symptoms was 1. Neuropathy 2. Stomach Pain 3. Vission Problem 4. Extreme Anxiety 5. Sleep deprivation and more. Doctor prescribed me Neurobian Injection Every Mos. Alhamdullillah 70% symptoms gone after 3 injections

But Neuropathy still come and go. specially on night. when i work hard and sleep less its become worse.

Folate and B12 levels is more than 500 now. vit D 21.8

All test ara Alhamdullillah Normal Hba1c calcium and more just Cholesterol slightly elevated.

Please help me to completely recover from this issue my life disturb... please

General Practitioner in Islamabad - Dr. Shahid Ikram
Dr. Shahid Ikram - General Practitioner

MBBS, MRCPUK-2 | Islamabad

review-stars 8 Positive Reviews

Improve sleep
Take lean beef regularly
Improve your water intake
Never over-exert

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Akhtar

Tab.Regab 50mg O.D for 1 month

General Practitioner in Quetta - Dr. Rabia Binat Khalid

Try to improve your diet.
Take raw vegetables and fruits.
Stay hydrated
Avoid greasy and oily foods

General Practitioner in Sialkot - Dr. Saban Muzaffar
Dr. Saban Muzaffar - General Practitioner

| MBBS | Certification (Nutrition,Wellness & Fitness) | B.Sc Hons | | Sialkot

Cap. Zeegap 25mg.....One daily.
Keep yourself hydrated.
Improve your sleep
Avoid tea or any form of caffeine specially in evenings.
Continue with Neurobion Injections
Start some stretching exercises to help you relax and also control raising cholesterol levels.

General Practitioner in Faisalabad - Dr. Suleman
Dr. Suleman - General Practitioner

| MBBS | | Faisalabad

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

take gablin 150 od for symptomatic relief,
consult dnd for diet chart

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Anum Sarwat
Dr. Anum Sarwat - General Practitioner

MBBS, D.F.M (Diploma Family Medicine) | Karachi

review-stars 3 Positive Reviews

kindly book an appointment for online consultation.

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Ariba Nasreen
Dr. Ariba Nasreen - General Practitioner

| MBBS | (DOW University of Health Sciences Karachi ) | Certified Family Medicine | (Ziauddin University Karachi) | Karachi

review-stars 34 Positive Reviews

kindly consult online for detail evaluation via marham application.

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Nabila Shaikh

plz do ur thyroid profile and vit d3 test done


Post Owner

TSH, D3, PTH Calcium, Uric Acid, HBa1c, Alkaline Phosphate,Serum Phosphorus all test are alhamdullillah normal, just Cholesterol in borderline not high.

6 months ago

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Nabila Shaikh
Dr. Nabila Shaikh - General Practitioner

| BEMS | |Sonologist | | Karachi | Book Appointment

for cholesterol correct it with ur diet and walk daily

6 months ago

General Physician in Rahim Yar Khan - Dr. Mubashir Younis

these are symtoms of b12 deficiency.
get tab neuromet bd.


Post Owner

I'm taking Nurture Bonty methylcobalamin 1000mcg is fine?

6 months ago

General Practitioner in Layyah - Dr. Muhammad Usama Mustafai

Take vitamin D one tablet daily. DAILY DOSE IS 800 IU. As your vitamin d level is below normal.


Post Owner

How long?

6 months ago

General Practitioner in Hyderabad - Dr. Lajpat

Maintain your diet which should be rich in Meat products as well as dairy products which are rich source for Vit B12, change your life style avoid sedantary life style and add routine excercise in your schedule you will feel that there are no symptoms IA in no time.

General Practitioner in Islamkot - Dr. Sagar Kumar

kindly, consult via marham app

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Aiasha Zafar
Dr. Aiasha Zafar - General Practitioner

| MBBS | | Karachi

review-stars 3 Positive Reviews

kindly post all your reports here


Post Owner

how can post report here?

3 months ago

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Sunny Kumar



Post Owner

MRI for what?

3 months ago

Psychiatrist in Karachi - Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist
Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist - Psychiatrist

| MBBS | FCPS (Psychiatry) | International Member, American Psychiatric Association, International Associate, Royal College of Psychiatrists,UK | Consultant Psychiatrist ( Specialist in treatment of Addiction, Psychiatric and Sexual disorder) | | Karachi

review-stars 242 Positive Reviews


General Practitioner in Rawalpindi - Dr. Mohsin Yousuf
Dr. Mohsin Yousuf - General Practitioner

MBBS, MS Neurosurgery | Rawalpindi

review-stars 22 Positive Reviews

what do u mean by neuropathy
plz describe problem what you face on and off ??


Post Owner

tingling, electric sensations, numbness

3 months ago

General Practitioner in Hyderabad - Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Yaseen

Book appointment for complete evaluation insha allah you will get better with in a week


Post Owner

ok I'll

3 months ago

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Sunny Kumar

take neurobion inj per course every other day for week then take 1 injection per week for month...after that u have to take injection in every month...then hopefully u recover better.....


Post Owner

I'm taking every months, almost 1yrs. but not working completely

3 months ago

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Arooj Najam
Dr. Arooj Najam - General Practitioner

| MBBS | | Lahore

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

control sugar and take pregabalin drug for pain

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