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Talk to General Practitioner on ESR High 91


Asking For Mother, Female 55, sargodha

My mother has high ESR level. She has been coughing since 1 year. Hepatitis B&C,TB test is negative. Weight 32 Kg. her heart beet is keep on increasing sam time. She has a preexisting heart condition suddenly increase her heart rate. She is very weak now.

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Shahid Ali

Dr. Shahid Ali - General Practitioner

MBBS, MS (Post Graduate Resident) | Lahore

get her Thyroid function test done
needs to rule out any chest pathology
better to go for HRCT chest consult any pulmonologist

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Usman Nazir

Dr. Usman Nazir - General Practitioner

MBBS, B.S Psychology | Lahore


57 Positive Reviews

Xray chest should be done.

Member of Marham-Forum

Get thyroid profile done please

General Practitioner in Attock - Dr. Shajar Abbas

Dr. Shajar Abbas - General Practitioner

| MBBS | | Attock


1 Positive Reviews

Sputum for AFB
get al these done asap and get her appointment.
may she get well soon and

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Huda Mir

Dr. Huda Mir - General Practitioner

| MBBS | | Lahore


1 Positive Reviews

Kindly get a CBC, Thyroid Function tests and Chest X-ray done. Any swelling in limbs or shortness of breath?

It is better to visit a Medical Specialist in person so they can evaluate.

General Practitioner in Islamabad - Dr. Adnan Irshad

Dr. Adnan Irshad - General Practitioner

MBBS | Islamabad


1 Positive Reviews

please tell in detail about the heart condition
feel free to get online consultation any time

General Practitioner in Rawalpindi - Dr. Umer Waqas Azad

Please share Echo report or consult for better review and management

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Hiba Tauseef

she needs detailed examination
labs to be done properly
CBC LFTs RFTs chest x-ray echocardiography

General Practitioner in Gilgit - Dr. Fareeha Atiq

how much is her ESR?
have you gotten her thyroid tests done???
do show recent echo report.
what heart condition does she have??
do you have her xray?? send it to me.
which TB tests did u get done??

General Practitioner in Jhelum - Dr. Amber Minahil

Please get CBC, chest xray and echo done. Can you please elaborate more regarding to her heart condition?

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Anam Hammad

She has to under go complete medical examination and investigations

General Practitioner in Sialkot - Dr. Husnain Abbas

She must go for some More test’s for evaluation ie TFT ecg and den Echo

General Practitioner in Rawalpindi - Dr. Ahmad Dar

Does she have a dry cough or productive? Any associated fever? Night sweats? Loss of weight over last 6 months? Any Chest Xray? Or Blood reports? Or u can consult online to talk in detail

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Nimrah Arif

high ESR may b due to chronic illness .get check her serum calcium level .chest xray .her weight is less than her age ..in order to keep differntial of malignancy sarcoidosos tb get her bone scan .

General Practitioner in Sargodha - Dr. Abdur Raffay Butt

what sort of heart condition she is suffering from and since when ?...please get her CBC and chest x-ray done and cardiac evaluation also ..it could be due to any current chest infection or pre existing cardiac condition..for this complete examination is required ..

General Practitioner in Faisalabad - Dr. Musab Malik

Is she diabetic ? Does she had test for thyroid profile ? What about her diet and appetite ? Is she loosing body weight ? She need to have few more blood tests and need proper history along with fever or any other symptom hx

General Practitioner in Bahawalpur - Dr. Laiba Jahangir Khan

Kindly get her these test done . CBC Chest xray Sputum for AFB .Serum Calcium Level .Echo

General Practitioner in Mardan - Dr. Muhammad Khan

Need Proper History , Complete physical examination. And advised investigations should be: TFT, CBC, ECHO, X-ray chest , Sputum for AFB. Get appointment. As earlier as possible to rule out the Etiology and Start proper medications.

General Practitioner in Bahawalpur - Dr. Aasim Sharif Cheema

Screen for breast cancer and hyperthyroidism by performing Ultrasound breast and thyroid function tests.

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Naureena Munawer

Seems like pulmonary hypertension due to cardiac illness, get her chest Xray, EcG, echocardiography and evaluation from cardiologist

General Practitioner in Lahore - Prof. Dr. Zaima Ali

Prof. Dr. Zaima Ali - General Practitioner

MBBS,M Phil,PhD | Lahore


8 Positive Reviews

Need detail history and some tests. So book an appointment.

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Rakhshinda Tanweer

Dr. Rakhshinda Tanweer - General Practitioner

MBBS, Masters in Public Health, Infertility and health counselor | Karachi


5 Positive Reviews

Dear attendant.
Need a complete recent and past history and personal information regarding the patient. A thorough physical examination is mandatory. Accordingly investigation's will be advised. Consult in person with Cardiologist.

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Aliza Babar

Need to have a complete history.
Please get her Chest X-ray, ECHO, CBC CRP TSH, and Vit D done.

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Aaqil Anwar

Need to have a complete history and couple of investigations like echo xray etc for more kindly book my online appointment

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Afsheen Naeem

Dr. Afsheen Naeem - General Practitioner

MBBS, MCPS (Anesthesiology)* | Karachi

any history of asthma,kindly get her chest x.ray and cbc done .what heart condition ,is she hypertensive or ischemic heart disease patient.proper history is required.echo ,chest xray and cbc karwa len.is she taking some medicines for her heart disease

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Afshan Akram

dear concerned you have to carry out some test as far weight is very low according to age
advised work up
chest X ray PA view
ultrasound abdomen pelvis
all base line lab
CBC , UCE, LFTs , RBS , vitamin D levels

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Momina Fatima

Aoa... Detailed history is required from your mother. Kindly take an appointment for your mother's checkup in detail. Thanks!

General Physician in Faisalabad - Dr. Sanober

kindly share her previous reports .

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Maryam Naz Khan

32kg weight for 55year old female is an alarming thing! Kindly her cbc report to check low hb! And chect xray to check any related chronic (old) disease! And kindly tell more about her heart disease! Thankyou

General Practitioner in Fort Abbas - Dr. Gulshan Zahra

Go for Echo to check the function of your mother's heart and then get treatment accordingly

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Syeda Shaheera Riaz Hashmi

Dr. Syeda Shaheera Riaz Hashmi - General Practitioner

MBBS, MCPS ( Family Medicine ) | Karachi


1 Positive Reviews

Kindly share all her reports

General Practitioner in Rawalpindi - Dr. Zeeshan Amjad

Dr. Zeeshan Amjad - General Practitioner

MD (Basic Medical Qualification) | Rawalpindi

kindly share her all reports & previous record including echo(if done). thanks

General Practitioner in Gujrat - Dr. Ali Asif

Dr. Ali Asif - General Practitioner

MBBS | Gujrat


1 Positive Reviews

please share all your reports need a detailed history also her weight is too low also need history about heart condition

General Practitioner in Peshawar - Dr. Rasool Hakeem

old age +low weight+ cough from last 1 years with co morbidity show is vulnerable to immunity compromise disease kindly do chest x ray and sputum AFB to role out TB

Member of Marham-Forum

What's the ESR value ? Explain the type of cough.
But as of now .
Firstly You can go for chest Xray and baselines and thyroid function test .
Then book an appointment for detail check up.

Member of Marham-Forum

Hello. I will need a detailed history regarding your mother's preexisting heart condition and the exact values of her ESR levels and some other basic tests. Book an online consultation so I can asses her thoroughly.

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