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from past 1 month i had type 5 stool.small piece stool like soft blobs.it occur 2 times a day.i recently had c section 3 month back.i ate iron n calcium too.n drink milk at nite but even i skipp everything my stool is same. is it normal????

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Nuha Mahmood

How’s your diet? Do you have any pain in your stomach region? Do you feel constipated?


Post Owner

no pain no constipation

1 year ago

General Practitioner in Islamabad - Dr. Abubakar
Dr. Abubakar - General Practitioner

MBBS, MSPH | Islamabad

review-stars 1 Positive Reviews

Please have a stool culture done and send me its report.

General Practitioner in Lahore - Dr. Haidar Ali

sometimes it happened while using iron .
u should take probiotics along with iron

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Mehreen Shahid

keep check on your diet..
it's normal..

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Sabin

It’s normal . No need to worry . Iron can result in diarrhoea and also causes black stool

General Practitioner in Bahawalpur - Dr. Mehsood

no need to skip iron and calcium
just add more fiber to your diet.
take fresh fruit salad and have fruits regularly, you will be fine insha'Allah.

General Practitioner in Abbottabad - Dr. Irfan Shabbir

Plz do stool r/e and cbc thn consult

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Naila Burney

what were your previous bowl habits?
you should take iron and calcium at least 6hrs apart plus good fiber diet


Post Owner

previously i had normal stool.from past 1 month i had dis type stool.although i ate iron calcium from 3 months
but this happens from last month.
i start drinking milk at nght.may b this is reason

1 year ago

General Practitioner in Karachi - Dr. Naila Burney

don't take iron and calcium together, take milk in morning instead of night

1 year ago

General Practitioner in Khushab - Dr. Adil Ayoub
Dr. Adil Ayoub - General Practitioner

MBBS | Khushab

review-stars 25 Positive Reviews

Its normal you have to increase your fiber intake type 5 stools are mostly related to diet so you have to improve your diet. For more you can consult.

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