2 Year And 7 Mnth Baby Boy Not Talking


My son is 2 year and 7 mnth. Over all he is fyn and active. He understand all we said but he fidnt talk any proper word except mama, baba, paoa . I am very worry abt him He tried a lot to speak and in this vain he screams a lot and only talk aaaa aaaa to ecplian what he wants to say. Kindly recomend any good peads therapist where i should concern Thanx a lot. Marham tean good work keep it up. My prayers are with u

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Asalam aliekum . you can consult me by taking appointment through Marham .

Sana Asghar
Speech and language pathologist



Assalam o alikum,
My daughter is also 2 years and 8 months old she'll be 3 in september. she still talks mostly in her own baby language,or just say mama, nana.. She had cleft soft palate and was operated by age 12 months. Her operation went really fine. But i am worried her vocabulary ismt imcreasing... By the past 3weeks she has increased a bit to say mama aoo (come) ,orange,white, wahan,Allah, but total of 10 to 12 words now. Shuold i practive her more at home or search a therapist please help .



Ive also consulted many timesto the surgeon who did her cleft palate surgery, everytime he said wait untill she's 3 she'll be ok if not then consult therapist. She is very active,does all the non verbal signs ,responds quickly but when given verbal comands she seems moody. Please let me know when and where to contact.

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