Fever And Vomiting From Weeks


My mother is patient of diabetes but have problem of chest infection and asthma her respiratory rrack is damage according pulmonogist 5 months before review on clinic. Now she is going under fever cough and every timing vomiting from continue s 3 weeks. V We visit 3 time different general physhion they advised antibiotics and fever panadols and omeprasol but on effect on her condition plz tell what is wrong and advice us. Mp and tiodfoid nagative.


Marham Admin

Dear Member,
thanx update with diabetes patient is already immunocompromised so chances of infection again and again ....see a chest physician. An internist follow up ..Important to rule out atypical chest infection and Tuberculosis. ....chest xray blood tests ....esr and sputum for afb and culture sensitivity ...will help regular use of inhalers nebulization with control of diabetes important avoid stress besi prayers recitation of Quran May Allah bless her earliest recovery ameen
(Dr Tariq Masood Khan)

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