High Prolactin Low Libido


Ive been suffering from low sex drive from past 10+ years tried many meds ie gonadil f proviron etc which did nothing but shed my hair until recently i did test for prolactin which was 80 ng, normal range 3-25 ng so i was put on dopergin(lisuride) 0.2 mg half tab a day that completely destroyed my sex life and gave sleep disturbance and other side effects which were mild but sexual side effect was unbearable so i discontinued lisuride and a month later started parlodel 2.5 mg half a tablet which decreased my libido a bit but no other side effects so i upped the dose to 2.5 mg a day again libido worsened so i stopped taking it . I need help coz dopamin aginists are the only drugs that lowers prolactin but unfortunately those r not for me so my question is what ither test i need to perform and what to do

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