I Had Full Hestratomony, Removal Of Uterus N Both Ovary Too At Age Of 29.


Since then I gave been talking HRT off N on. From last two years I was suffering from depression .so my doctor gave me antidepressant. I have been talking them regularly since 1 and half year. I i started having low blood sugar attacks...even soon after my meals. So i hv to eat a lot to over over come that And i hv gained a lot of weight . Now I have tapper down the antidepressant. Pls suggest is it safe. And I hv faced sleeping disorder too. And please tell how I can lose weight which I have gained due to medication.


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Can you please share the exact name of the Antidepressant medicines??
Recurrent Hypoglycemia (low sugar) needs evaluation.
You can do: Ultrasound Abdomen, Blood Insulin levels, Blood C-peptide level, Fasting Lipid Profile..

Don't forget to take Calcium and Vitamin D supplements, necessary after Hysterectomy.. You can take Tab. Chewcal or Abocal or Qalsan D or Osnate-D or Intig-D Once or Twice daily..

Get well soon..

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