Speech Delay

Aoa..mera 5 saal ka beta hy osny abi tak bath krna srtat nhi kiya meri har bath samjhta hy response be krta hy likn bolta nhi hearing test b kiya woh tek hy notropil syrup dai rahi hoon 3 months say likn improvement nhi i speech may bus 4 5 bathy seeki hy apni zarorat ki aur mukaml sentence nhe boltha


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you should consult speech therapist for complete sessions. First of all
make your home environment to create opportunities to encourage him to
speak. Meanwhile just remember don't fulfill his demands unless he used
words for that demand if he is having 1 word speech then encourage him to
say 2 words then fulfill his demand. You can use his favorite activities
or toys to produce 2 word speech. when he use two words for that activity
only then provide his favorite activity or any edible like giving his
favorite chocolate give him a bite only after using 2 words then again a
bite after same speech.


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jazak ALLAH

10 months ago


Your child need speech and language pathologist don’t waste your time on
any GP or other you can directly take your child to speech and language
You may find it throught marham app, Children Hospital or you may visit me
at Global Rehab Centre .
Sobia ikram
Global Rehab Centre
042-32591427, 042-32591427,


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This is clear-cut speech delay which may have different causes such as
excessive use of phone or tablet or tv, hyperactivity, inattention,
developmental delay and other developmental disorders may contribute to
speech delay. You need to see a clinical psychologist for assessment and
diagnosis for better management.



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mam mai yeh exercise b kara rahi hoon likn farq par raha mujh diabetes thi during pregnancy dr said islye demagh kamzor hy bachy ka


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Asalam aliekum I understand your child situation. Your child needs a complete speech therapy session so you can consult me . So book your appointment through Marham .
Sana Asghar


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If your child still has a lisp by age 5, it's a good idea to make an appointment with a speech-language pathologist rather than continue waiting to see if your child outgrows it. The specialist will take a detailed history, check your child's mouth's structure and function, and get a speech and language sample to study. Often the problem can be resolved in a short time. Also, make sure your child can breathe comfortably, and treat any allergy, cold, or sinus problems so your child can breathe through her nose with her lips together. An open-mouth breathing posture causes the tongue to lie flat and protrude. A stuffy nose is often the cause, so work on nose-blowing too.


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AOA Speech k ilawah kya us nay gardan sambhalna, crawl karna or kharay hona
theek omar main kia, kindly mjhy in sab cheezo ki detail btaeyn.
sitting, rolling head control crawling standing and walking.


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yes mere bachy nay sub kuch normal start kiya crwaling walking waqt par kiya hy

10 months ago