My son born on 23rd oct 2017 weight 6 pounds. Should i get him cercumsized on 7th day or he is under weight for this procedure? Also i am v worried about the pain this process involved .. pls confirm if dr uses anesthesia before doing ring circumcission. Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the consultation
Weight of the child is absolutely normal, dont worry about the weight.
Secondly we pediatric surgeons use local anesthesia for circumcision and
usually child dont cry during whole procedure and remains pain free after
the procedure as well.
The technique of local injection depends on experience and expertise of the
Now the point is age of the child, if there is no jaundice (which usually
occurs in first two weeks of life and that is normal) then circumcision can
be done at any time and healing is rapid at early age.

If you have any further question you are welcome to ask.

Dr. Naveed Haider
Pediatric Surgeon
Children's hospital Lahore


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Wait till 2 weak usually I prefer after day 16


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Dear Parents

Thank you for your email inquiry. A 3 kg baby can be easily circumcised using plastibell circumcision. If you wish you may delay the procedure as well. This procedure can be easily performed until 3 months of age. I perform circumcision under local anaesthetic and local anaesthetic takes away the pain. I have performed over 042-32591427, procedures in my circumcision clinic in UK.

You can visit my clinic on doctors hospital Lahore daily Monday to Friday 10 am and 12 noon or National Hospital Lahore between 6- 8 pm Tuesday and Thursday. Prior to procedure, I will sit down and discuss in detail with you the procedure and after care.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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weight and age is adequate for the procedure and it is done completely
painless and child is also kept pain free after procedure.


MBBS, FCPS | Lahore

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local anaesthesia is used, only required area is made pain free.


Salam circumcision of the baby is safe if INR is below 1 under local
anaesthesia with plasti bell (ring)technique.

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