Hypospadias Surgery

Dear sir. Can you introduce me 2 or 3 famous Specialist In Peshawar for the Hypospadias surgery.and best age for it. And also tell me is that related to urologist , paediatric surgery or sexualist. Tnx


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Yes in Peshawar Dr. Ubaid is pediatric surgeon specially trained in
hypospadias surgery
Usually we pediatric surgeons deal with hypospadias surgery

If you are in kabul there are pediatric surgeons in FMIC hospital kabul.
You can visit them as well


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Hypospedia is different subject doing by different surgeon but will perform by pediatric surgeon then urologist in Peshawar Dr obidullah in North West hospital very expensive.iam in Islam bad IAM also doing this surgery


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Hypospadias is treated by both Paediatric Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons. I do not know anyone in Peshawar.


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I do hypospadias surgery in Lahore and provide state of art service. If you can not visit Lahore then you can visit Peshawar to any of paediatric surgeon or urologists. Most of them do perform hypospadias surgery but I have no feedback from patients or witnessed their surgery myself. Therefore I am unable to provide any names.


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As told by others also, Dr.Ubaid is best in Peshawar. You must visit him if in Peashawar. Age of surgery is usually 9-18 months


Salam Hypospadias Repair can perform Pediatric surgeon, plastic surgeon and
Pediatric Urologist. Dr. Abrar khan (Pediatric surgeon) Dr. Obama (Plastic
surgeon), Dr. Kamran (Pediatric Urologist). You can contact any of them
with my reference.


I will text there no soon IA


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Hypospadias surgery is dealt by paediatric surgeons. In my opinion its better to comment after assessment of the child. Peshawar is lacking in provision of surgical care to children.

i hope my mail answers to your queries.

Prof. Nadeem Akhter