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9 Weeks Old Baby Is Peeing Less

My baby is 9 weeks old and until yesterday he had been producing 5-6 wet diapers in 24 hours, but since yesterday, he is producing only 3 wet diapers with logging intervals, like 5-6 hours. He also had a slight temperature yesterda...


Problem Related To Baby

Assalamoalikum dr.. please I need urgent response... Mera baby four months ka hai ...no fever no colic issues.. all day wo bilkul theek rehta hai feed bhi leta hai active bhi rehta hai... but ek week Se daily raat mai 1-2 hours tak...


Baby Weight

Assalamoalikum dr. my baby is 4months old. his weight is 5.7kg .is it OK? and should I introduce solid foods? like rice cereals?


Joundice In Children

Dear doctors: I am married to my cousin and after my first baby who is healthy and now 9. My two other children who had jaundice right from birth and both died. Due to joundice their liver was badly affected that leads to death. I a...


Spina Bifidia For 40 Days Baby

My son is 40 days old.. he has a dimple just abive his buttocks i went to peadrition he said its nothing to worry about it can be spina bifidia becoz dimple with tuft of hair ia related to spina bifidia ... he said nothing to worry...


My Son Asthma Problem.

My son 5 years old .1 year say asthma problem hai .dr.Abdul salam say treatment karva rahay hai .phar bi nazla khansi ho rahi hai.daily made in day rahay hai phar bi theek nahi ho raha.



My son is 6 years old, We found that he has Hemorrhoid. When we checked it normal, but when he uses washroom and sit on the toilet seat then we can see. Plz check the video and advise if its hemorrhoid and what is the treatment and...


Probiotic Drops

Please suggest a good probiotic drops for my 1 month old baby. I will be thankful


Asking About Gripe Water

My baby is 28 days old.When can we give him Gripe water or colic drops .

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