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Patient Questions from Dr. Ahsan Mujtaba Baig

Asking for Father, Male, 49 years old

Suggestion For Severe Cardiac Issue

My father age is 49.unhe 1 week pehle heart attack hua he or doctors angiography ke bad bypass ka keh rae hen..unhe high diabetes issue tha kaafi saalo se pr attack se 1 month pehle se sugar low reh thi thi abhi bhi low hi he...his...

Asking for Self, Female, 30 years old

CBC Report

can any doctor read my report n guide me?

Asking For Mother, Female 65

Heart Problem

Sir kindly ap bata sakte hain k report kesi ayi hai Angiography hai ya Bypass is main

Asking For Self, Male 25

Pain In Chest

Yesterday afternoon I ate red pepper and after that hiccups started and then it went away after a while. This happened twice in the evening and again at night. Well at night I also took steam. Then during midnight I started having p...

Asking For Self, Male 25


Which beta-blocker is good for essential high blood pressure Blood pressure is 150/80 or 140/90 Pulse rate is 80, 90 Atenolol or nebivolol

Asking For Self, Male 17

Heart Problem

Please check my report and taken the advice

Asking for Husband, Male, 37 years old

Vasovagal Syncope

My husband recently experienced another severe attack of syncope after 2016. He had been admitted for a week in cardiology centre although ETT, ECG, Ctngo all are clear but he's now experiencing blood pooling in legs almost every...

Asking For Father, Male 76

10th May 2020 Angioplasty Hui Thi, Thora Bht Khana Kha Rahe The Ab Khana Pena Chor Dia Hai Kch Acha Nhi Lgta Kamzori Bahr Rhi Hai Plz Koi Is Ka Hal Btayen..

dawa bhi ab nhi kha rahe suger paitent hain suger blood presure thek hai per khana nhi kha rahe

Asking for Wife, Female, 41 years old

Cardiology ...heart Beat Issue

Assalaam u alaikum.my wife age 41.height 5.4.weight 71 kg complains that she has one sudden change of speed of heart beat at least once a day for last 4-5 days.Heartbeat is overall absolutely normal but suddenly she feels that one h...

Asking for Self, Female, 25 years old

Chest Pain

I have irritable bowel syndrom c from last three years. i never had pain in these three years, but from a month, i am having pain in right side below chest which is very severe and if that pain goes I got constant pressure on my che...

Asking for Self, Female, 17 years old

Chest Pain With Headache

I'm having pain in the middle of chest it become worse if I'm lying down or walking and I can't swallow+ breathing issue like I can't take deep breaths it's so painful I was having headache with chest pain it has been 2 days. I had...

Asking for Father, Male, 66 years old

Severe Shoulder Pain, Breathing Issue

Can any cardiologist plz explain this report

Asking For Self, Female 26

Chest Pain

i am having pain in middle of my chest, around sternum. mostly feel pain when i stretch my muscles or sometimes when i take a deep breath. i am having this problem since january also went to see a doctor but x ray was fine. this pro...

Asking for Other, Male, 63 years old

High Sugar Levels

Aoa My uncle is a sugar and heart patient, recently had a heart attack and had angiography 4 times with stents. I have been monitoring his sugar levels on glucometer. As for fasting it's near 200 or above. And 2 hours after mea...

Asking for Other, Female, 58 years old

Heart Problem

Need someone to check this ECG report and assess whether it’s normal or not

Asking for Self, Female, 26 years old


Assalamoalikum I have been suffering from shortness of breath chest heaviness. Hypertensive from 8 years. Ett negative but the problems still persist. Did pfts and cxr it was normal. Cardiologist advised me to go for ct coronary ang...

Asking for Self, Male, 39 years old

Panic Disorder

Sir mujy panic attack hoty rahty hain main nay dil main 2014 ko stunt dalwaya tha aur sugar hapartation bhi hay nafseyati bemari mujy 2003 say hay jis ka laga tar elaj karwa raha hon sir 4 din pahly factory main problem hoi aur mara...

Asking for Self, Female, 31 years old

Cardiology, Heart Pain

3 months ago I had high cholestrol and doctor gave me Jazeta 10/10 and Concor 2.5mg with suggestion to alter lifestyle. After 3 months I have lost about 7 kgs weight, including lifestyle changes and on repeating tests my cholest...

Asking for Other, Female, 84 years old

Angina Pain

Aoa My grandmother recently slipped and she is unable to move due to her leg injury she has previous history of leg surgery and they inserted rod she has orthoprosis also we were giving her voltrol for her pain than doctor gave he...

Asking for Self, Female, 26 years old


Assalamoalikum I want to ask any cardiologist here about my problem. M 26 yrd old I have been feeling chest tightness and heaviness on exertion. Did ett it was normal achived percent thr but was very out of breath. The symptoms stil...