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Asking for Self, Female, 31 years old, Islamabad

3 months ago I had high cholestrol and doctor gave me Jazeta 10/10 and Concor 2.5mg with suggestion to alter lifestyle.

After 3 months I have lost about 7 kgs weight, including lifestyle changes and on repeating tests my cholesterol is normal

Now for two weeks I feel pain in heart and heaviness. It's usually mild and particularly at resting position. I walk one hour every day and do home chores and it's perfectly fine. As soon as I lie down the pain starts and very mildly remains there but when I get back up it subsides.

Please tell me what to do. I'm scared.

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Thanks. your pain doesn’t seem to be cardiac as it is on lying than on exertion. But as your cholesterol has been high I would like you to recheck your LIPID PROFILE & BP reading as well your ecg. You may require exercise tolerance test after reviewing your above mentioned test. I’d also advise you to consult an orthopaedic specialist regarding your back pain


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@Dr Feroz Memon
Sir, my lipid profile was repeated after three months of medicine and it was in normal range. Further I keep a track of my BP everyday twice and it's also normal.
However I will get the ECG done after the lock down.

Further I do not have complaint of back pain. Thanks for your response

4 years ago

Cardiologist in Karachi - Dr. Ahsan Mujtaba Baig

Dr. Ahsan Mujtaba Baig - Cardiologist

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Need to get an ecg and a treadmill test called exercise tolerance test. Also take some pain killers. and Get a chest x-ray

Cardiologist in Karachi - Prof. Dr. Zamir A Siddiqui

Prof. Dr. Zamir A Siddiqui - Cardiologist

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Please share with me:
-Urine DR
- Bp observations, morning and evening at least for
3 days.
- Temp for 3 days.

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