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Ms. Naila Ghufran Speech Therapist Karachi

Ms. Naila Ghufran

Speech Therapist

Masters in Speech & Language

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About Ms. Naila Ghufran

Ms. Naila Ghufran - Speech Therapist, Karachi - Appointment Details:... Read More

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Timings: 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM

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About Ms. Naila Ghufran

Ms. Naila Ghufran - Speech Therapist, Karachi - Appointment Details:

Ms. Naila Ghufran is a qualified Speech Therapist in Karachi with over 4 years of experience in the field. With numerous qualifications, the doctor provides the best treatment for all Speech Therapist related diseases. Ms. Naila Ghufran has treated over 0 patients through Marham and has 0 reviews. You can book an appointment with Ms. Naila Ghufran through Marham.

Role of Speech Therapist:
Speech therapists like Ms. Naila Ghufran help in the treatment of all diseases related to communication. Other commonly used names for a Speech Therapist are Speech-language pathologists, Speech specialists, and Speech Doctors. They can care for people of all ages from babies to adults.
Some of the common roles of a speech therapist are to work with children and adults to prevent, test, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing difficulties.

Qualifications: Masters in Speech & Language from University of Karachi, Karachi and Masters in Speech and Language Pathology from Karachi University

Ms. Naila Ghufran has been treating patients with Speech Therapist related diseases for the past 4 years and has an excellent success rate.

Patient Satisfaction Score:
Ms. Naila Ghufran has an impressive % and has received great reviews from Marham Users. Their past patients have had quick recoveries, and most people are happy with Ms. Naila Ghufran‘s expert advice on speech impairments.

Special interests of Ms. Naila Ghufran:
The special interests of Ms. Naila Ghufran are:

  • Hearing Disorders
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Aphasia
  • Dysarthia
  • Adult Nuerogenic Disorders (Swallowing Disorders
  • Comprehension and Speech Difficulty and Secondary to Stroke)

Ms. Naila Ghufran Appointment Details:
Ms. Naila Ghufran, the Speech Therapist, is available for Marham's in-person and online video consultation.

Ms. Naila Ghufran's Fee
Ms. Naila Ghufran charges a fee of PKR 800; you can book your appointment now by calling 042-32591427

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Ms. Naila Ghufran has the following degrees : Masters in Speech & Language

Ms. Naila Ghufran is specialist Speech Therapist. Her area of expertise include Hearing Disorders, Aural Rehabilitation, Aphasia, Dysarthia, Adult Nuerogenic Disorders (Swallowing Disorders, Comprehension and Speech Difficulty and Secondary to Stroke)

You can contact the Speech Therapist through Marham's helpline: 0311-1222398 and we'll connect you with Ms. Naila Ghufran

Ms. Naila Ghufran charges Rs. 800 for consultation