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Get Treatments in Turkey

Why Turkey?

95% Success Rate

Affordable than India

International Standard

Available Treatments in Turkey

Liver Transplant in Turkey

(95% Success Rate)

Liver Transplant in Turkey

Dr. Remzi Emiroglu

28 Years Experience

We provide the best world class liver transplant treatment accessible for you!

Services Included in Package

  • Sponsored Visa
  • State of the Art Hospital
  • Accomodation
  • Translator Services
  • All medical tests included
  • Transport Service for Airport, Hospital, Hotel
  • Optional personal attendant
  • Post operative care back in Pakistan

How we provide treatment to patients in Turkey?

1. Initial Guidance Process

2. Visa Process

3. Getting Treatment

Service you won't find anywhere in Pakistan

a gift for Pakistani patients from Turkish doctors

Discuss your case and all details with doctor without going to turkey

How it works?

  1. 1. Guidance from Marham Treatment Expert
  2. 2. Share your Reports & current condition
  3. 3. Online Consultation with Turkish doctors
  4. 4. Complete Medical Assetment
  5. 5. Get Customized Package
  6. 6. Travel Schedule
  7. 7. Visa Processing
  8. 8. Travel to Turkey
  9. 9. Treatment
  10. 10.Travel back to Pakistan
  11. 11. Post operative care in Pakistan

Hospitals Onboard with Us

JCI Certified Hospital with international standard of US & UK Hospitals

Acibadem Hospital - Istanbul

Ankara City Hospital

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can donate a part of your liver and it will grow back to its actual size shortly.

It depends if your blood type matches your family member

70 percent of people who undergo liver transplant live for at least five years.

The complications may include bleeding, blood clots, failure of donated liver, infection, rejection of the donated liver, mental confusion or seizures. Long-term complications may also include recurrence of liver disease in the transplanted liver.

Most of the people are living a healthy and normal life after the transplant

Turkey is considered as one of the best places to get the transplants done, so yes, it is safe to get the treatments from Turkey.

It takes up to three months to recover from this surgery

It depends on the patient's condition

It varies from patient to patient, some may experience numbness and soreness but some of them don't experience any pain

The donor should be at least of 18 years
The success rate is 93%
Our package offers after care guarantee and you will be connected to your doctor in case of any emergency
You will be able to talk to your doctor through video call before going for a treatment
Hospitals in Turkey are not allowed to continue their treatment if they fail to give more than 75% success rate for 5 years. So, making their treatments successful is always their first priority

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