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How can I find treatment of Bladder Divertivulae?

Marham brings a diverse range of bladder diverticulum doctors in Lodhran, where you can consult the best doctor online. We listed doctors in Lodhran with their immense experience, qualifications, and services.

What is Bladder Diverticulum?

Bladder diverticula disease is the formation of a pouch or sac that protrudes out from the urinary bladder wall. The individuals may be born with this condition or it may develop later in life. The patients diagnosed with bladder diverticula may have one or more than one pouches or pockets formed in their bladder. The disease requires no treatment in the majority of the cases as it is an asymptomatic disease however, treatment in Lodhran is given by the best urologists if the symptoms appear.

Diagnosis of Bladder Diverticulum disease

Bladder diverticulum may be diagnosed incidentally during diagnosis of the other disease or involves specific diagnostic tests. They include;

  • CT scan or Ultrasound

  • Cytogram (bladder X-ray with a dye)

  • Cystoscopy (to look inside the bladder using the camera)

Bladder Diverticulum Treatment in Lodhran

Acquired or congenital bladder diverticulum does not necessarily require any treatment unless they are associated with bladder obstruction, tumor, or recurrent urinary tract infections. 

The treatment involves removing the obstruction of the bladder using open or closed laparoscopic surgery. A catheter may be needed for a week or 2 following the surgery to drain the bladder.

Marham provides a platform for online or in-person consultation with the best urologists for the treatment of Bladder Diverticula in Lodhran. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Top 1 Bladder Divertivulae Doctors in Lodhran are:

  1. Dr. Farhan Ali

1 Bladder Divertivulae Doctors in Lodhran are:

  1. Dr. Farhan Ali