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Dr. Zaigham Hammad

Fee: Rs. 500

Dr. Zaigham Hammad

General Physician


  • Practices in Mohalla Balilla
  • 1 Years Experience

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The fee for specialists of Bukhar in nankana sahib varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

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Fever is the condition in which body temperature rises above the normal range. Fever meaning in Urdu is bukhar. Usually, a fever is a result of different medical conditions like viral or bacterial infections or noninfectious disorders like cancer. Due to the illness, the temperature of the body is increased temporarily. Fever is a sign that something out of ordinary is happening in your body. The fever may be uncomfortable for an adult, but it usually does not pose a problem if it does not exceed 39.4 ° C (103 F). In infants and young children, a slightly elevated temperature may indicate a serious infection. The fever usually disappears in a few days. Fever seems to play a key role in helping your body by preventing a series of infections

The belief that teething can cause fever in infants is common. In a seven-month study in which scientists followed children closely to determine the symptoms associated with the appearance of new teeth, there was nothing to confirm this idea. The fact is that the time period in which children receive many new teeth (four to 24 months) coincides with the time when young children get a major infection, which is the leading cause of fever in young children. There is no known mechanism by which pushing new teeth into the gum causes a child's fever. If you think that your child's fever is a symptom of teething, it means that you may not be in a pathological condition. It can also lead to excessive use of painkillers and oral gels that can cause long-term problems. Studies suggest that some symptoms are associated, but this does not include fever.

 This increase in body temperature leads to high muscular contraction and causes a feeling of cold. A fever may be the result of different medical conditions like

  • Viral or bacterial infections like a common cold or urinary tract infection
  • The pathogen causing diseases like malaria and meningitis
  • Non-infectious disorders like thrombosis or cancer
  • The side effect of some medication

Usually, fever not needed any special treatment. But associated pain and inflammation really needs proper management. For the treatment (bukhar ka ilaj/bukhar ki dua) consult with the doctor through

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