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How can I find treatment of Insomnia?

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it hard to sleep or stay asleep and impairs routine activities It affects one-third of the adult population. The condition can be acute (short term) or chronic (long term). Acute insomnia lasts for 1 night while chronic insomnia is recognized by at least 3 nights of insomnia in a month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy. Insomnia, meaning in Urdu, is 'neend ka na aana'. Insomnia can be a disorder in itself or can result from any underlying condition.

A sleep medicine specialist in Swat is the best person to diagnose and treat your insomnia. Sleep medicine specialists include psychiatrists, neurologists, and other doctors in Swat with extra training to treat sleep problems.

On the basis of the cause of Insomnia may be;

  • Primary insomnia -  This type of insomnia occurs on its own and has no underlying health conditions that are responsible for this sleep disorder

  • Secondary insomnia -  This is a sleep disorder that causes trouble falling or staying asleep and the disorder occurs due to certain health conditions like asthma, cancer, depression, or the use of certain medicines.

On the basis of the disease severity, insomnia includes;

  • Acute insomnia - This type of insomnia occurs for a short time (usually 1 day) and may be followed by any stressful life event. Acute insomnia is also known as adjustment insomnia and the condition resolves on its own

  • Chronic insomnia -  This type of insomnia lasts for months or even years and is recognized as a sleep disorder. Chronic insomnia may be due to primary or secondary causes and needs management and Insomnia treatment.

Diagnosis of insomnia

Sleep disorders like insomnia are diagnosed by the doctor after asking questions related to sleep habits and medical conditions. The doctor in Swat may ask you to keep a sleep diary to record the timings of your falling asleep and waking up.

Treatment of insomnia

The treatment of insomnia does not resolve the disease completely but it helps manage the disease. The treatment of insomnia involves;

  • Sleep medicines may be prescribed by the doctor

  • Behavioral therapies may be provided to manage the disorder

  • Treatments to manage the diseases that lead to insomnia


Insomnia is a sleep disorder and needs immediate help. If left untreated, insomnia may result in certain complications that include;

  • Development of mental disorders like anxiety and depression

  • Trouble focusing on routine tasks

  • Increased risks or accidents 

  • Increased risk of developing medical issues 

Marham - find a doctor provides a platform for online or in-person consultation with the best male and female doctors for the treatment of Insomnia in Swat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The fee for specialists of Insomnia in swat varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Top 1 Insomnia Doctors in Swat are:

  1. Dr. Ashfaq

1 Insomnia Doctors in Swat are:

  1. Dr. Ashfaq