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Doctors For Whooping Cough In Mianwali

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How can I find treatment of Whooping Cough?

 Whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory infection. For many people, this is characterized by an acute hacking cough followed by strong breathing that sounds like a "whoop".

Before the vaccine was developed, whooping cough was considered a childhood disease. Now, whooping cough is particularly affecting children too young to be vaccinated, as well as adolescents and adults whose immunity has decreased. Deaths associated with whooping cough are rare but more common in babies. It is therefore very important that pregnant women and other people who have close contact with a baby are vaccinated against whooping cough. t is mainly recognized by cough with a characteristic whooping sound. 

Vaccination against it is good enough to prevent its occurrence. But if the person is infected with this infectious disease potent antibiotics with cough suppressants are recommended to cure it. To find and consult the best physician for whooping cough treatment log on to

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