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Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro

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Irfan Hussain Medical Centre, Jail Road, Larkana

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Dr. Muneeba

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How can I find treatment of Acne Scar Treatment?

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars develop due to the inflammation caused by acne in the skin. The breakdown of the walls of acne pores leaves behind scars that may be indicated by a skin indentation or a raised scar surface. About 95% of people suffering from acne vulgaris develop acne scars.  Some acne scars can be shallow that heal quickly while some are relatively stubborn and may need a combination of treatment approaches to clear the skin. The best skin specialist in Larkana evaluates the skin type and the scars to decide the best available treatment type for your skin.

The best acne scar treatment in Larkana involves the use of the latest technology and equipment and is designed according to skin types, medical conditions, and gender-related factors.

Let us first discuss what exactly is an acne scar, its types, and possible treatment options available for it.

About Acne Scars

Acne disease is prevalent in over 90% of adolescents. Inflammatory acne with painful nodules and cysts contributes to the development of acne scars which damage the skin and the underlying tissues. Repairing the damaged tissues involves collagen production by the skin and this leads to the development of acne scars.

Additionally, sometimes a skin pimple may occasionally leak into the tissue around it which may lead to leaving deeper scarring.

The best treatment for acne scars removal is offered by the skin surgeon near you.


  • Papules - A papule is a kind of skin lesion that is smaller than one centimeter, broad, solid, or cystic elevated area on the skin.

  • Pustules - A pustule is a protruding area of skin that is filled with pus, a yellowish fluid. It looks like a very large pimple.

  • Nodules - A severe form of acne is nodular acne. Deep beneath your skin, hard knots or lumps (nodules) start to form as a result. The nodules start below the skin's surface and manifest as red pimples on the skin. 

  • Cysts - Cystic acne is a form of inflammatory acne that results in the formation of painful, pus-filled pimples, deep beneath the skin. When skin pores become clogged, this type of acne develops.

No matter what is the type of acne, the latest technology treatments for acne scars removal in Larkana can treat them all.


A pimple grows when,

  1. Pores, the microscopic openings in your skin through which sweat and oil rise to the surface, are clogged and inflamed by bacteria, oils, and dead skin.

  2. Your skin sheds 40,000 cells per hour, yet occasionally one of those dead cells gets stuck in a pore.

  3. Small "whiteheads or blackheads" are the result of small pores that become clogged.

  4. These pores can occasionally become irritated, which can cause additional types of acne.


Approximately 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 years will experience acne, and one out of every five of them will develop scarring. 

How Does Acne Cause Scars?

Although acne frequently shows above the skin, the reason it creates scars actually has to do with what's going on below the surface. ‘Inflammation is taking place beneath your skin when you break out some acne’. So, scarring results from this inflammation occurring inside the skin's tissue.

What are some Treatments for Acne Scars being Offered in Pakistan?

Depending on the type of your scar, one or a combination of the following methods may help your skin seem better;

1-Soft Tissue Fillers

The skin over indentation scars can be made plumper by injecting collagen, fat, or other material under the skin. The idea is to hide the scars as much as possible. Repeated treatments are necessary to maintain the impact because the results are transient. Skin color changes are not likely to occur using this technique.

2- Laser Resurfacing

This method is getting more and more popular and is frequently used for scars that have previously undergone dermabrasion therapy. People who have darker skin or a history of keloids are more likely to experience negative effects from this procedure.

3- Energy-Based Procedures

Scars can be made less visible with the aid of radiofrequency and pulsed light sources without endangering the skin's outer layer. You could require additional treatments because the results are not that drastic.

4- Dermabrasion

Usually, more severe scarring requires this procedure. With the use of a quickly moving brush or another tool, your doctor removes the top layer of skin. As a result, deeper acne scars might not be as noticeable and surface scars might entirely disappear. Scarring and changes in skin colour are examples of severe adverse effects that could occur.

5- Chemical Peel

To remove the epidermis and lessen the visibility of deeper scars, your doctor applies a chemical solution to the scar tissue. To maintain the effects of the treatment, you can repeat sessions with light- and medium-concentration peels. Skin color changes are one of the potential side effects, particularly when deep peels are applied to dark skin.

6- Skin Needling

To encourage collagen synthesis in the underlying tissue, your doctor rolls a needle-studded device over the skin. It is a secure, easy-to-use method, highly beneficial for acne scarring. Skin discoloration is a very remote possibility. The effects are minor, and you might require more treatment sessions.

7- Surgery

Your doctor removes specific acne scars using a quick process called ‘punch excision’, then sutures the area together or applies a skin graft to close the lesion. Your doctor may also use a procedure known as ‘subcision’ to introduce needles under the skin and release the tethering fibrous bands under a scar, which helps improve the appearance of the skin.

The best doctors for acne scar are available all over Larkana to provide you with a pain-free solution.

It is important to consult a dermatologist to help choose the most suitable treatment and care strategies for your skin. They will identify the type of scars and offer the best treatment options available based on your preferences and the region of the scarring. Marham offers top doctors for acne scars in Larkana.

Frequently Asked Questions

To book your appointment with a specialist of Acne Scar Treatment in larkana, call at 042-32591427 or 0311-1222398. There are no extra charges for booking appointment through Marham.

No, there are no extra charges to book an appointment through marham.pk

The fee for specialists of Acne Scar Treatment in larkana varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

3 Acne Scar Treatment Doctors in larkana are:

  1. Dr Mehran Bukhari
  2. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro
  3. Dr muneeba

Best 3 Acne Scar Treatment Doctors in larkana are:

  1. Dr Mehran Bukhari
  2. Dr. Naeem Ahmed Soomro
  3. Dr muneeba