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Dr. Farah Khan


MBBS, FCPS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)*

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Ibne Seena Hospital Khalabat, Khalabat Twp, Haripur

06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Rs. 800

Zaitoon Medical Center, Near DHQ hospital, Abbottabad

03:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Available from Mar 31
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How can I find treatment of Clinical Breast Examination Cbe?

Here is the list of best breast surgeon in Haripur. Find complete details, timings, patient reviews, and contact information of the breast clinic in Haripur. Book an appointment with a breast specialist doctor or take an online consultation with the listed doctors. 

Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) in Haripur

Marham enlists the best breast surgeon for clinical breast examination in Haripur. Make an appointment with the breast check-up doctor for CBE in Haripur based on the location, patient reviews, fee, and timings.

What is Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)?

An examination of your breasts by a medical professional is known as a clinical breast exam (CBE). It is frequently carried out as part of your yearly checkup. A breast surgeon in Haripur who is skilled in the procedure should conduct a CBE. 

In order to reach the deeper tissue, the breast surgeon in Haripur will need to apply some pressure while inspecting the entire area.

The breast surgeon in Haripur presses firmly on the patient's skin with their fingers to feel for lumps, gauging their size, shape, and movement within the tissue.

Why a Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) is done?

  • You may have a CBE if you inform your doctor of any changes or lumps in your breasts.

  • Your doctor or another qualified healthcare professional may also perform it, as part of your routine physical examination.

  • A CBE should also be performed on men who notice a lump or other change in their breasts.

What is the cost of Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) in Haripur?

The fee of a breast surgeon in Haripur for clinical breast examination varies according to the location and experience of the breast specialist doctor. The cost of a breast specialist for clinical breast examination ranges between 25,000-90,000 PKR.

Is it painful to have Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)?

  • Clinical breast exams don't have any particular side effects, but they might feel uncomfortable, especially for women with tender breasts.

  • Your breast doctor should apply firm but not agonizing pressure when looking for anomalies in the tissue of your breast, underarm, and clavicle.

What is the procedure for Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)?

You will need to strip off your clothes up to your waist. You lie down on an examination table and are covered by a sheet or gown. The medical professional first examines the breasts while you being seated and then while lying down. For women who have breast implants, the same CBE method is applied. So it would be great to choose the best breast clinic in Haripur.

The breast surgeon in Haripur searches for;

  • Breast shape changes or variations
  • Visible lumps or swelling
  • Fluid leaking from the nipple
  • Differences in the color, and temperature of the breasts
  • The texture of the skin in the breasts, such as redness, increased warmth, or dimpling of the skin rashes

The medical professional then palpate or feels the breasts and nipples. The breast tissue is flattened over the chest wall while you are lying down. A large area is covered by breast tissue. It travels from the center of the chest, deep inside to the muscles of the chest wall, then up toward the collarbone and into the armpit.

In order to reach the deeper tissue, the breast specialist doctor in Haripur will need to apply some pressure while inspecting the entire area.

With their fingers, the breast specialist doctor in Haripur applies firm pressure to feel for:

  • Breast tissue hardening or thickening

  • Lumps, including their size, shape, and whether or not they move within the tissue

  • Breast tenderness or pain

Additionally, lymph nodes will be checked by the breast surgeon in Haripur for any lumps or tissue hardening in the region of the axilla, which is the area under the arm, and in the region above and below the collarbone.

How long does Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) last?

A thorough examination should take three minutes for a breast of average size by a breast surgeon in the Haripur.

What happens if a change or abnormality is found in Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)?

  • The medical professional will discuss any findings with you and let you know if additional testing is necessary.

  • Your breast surgeon might give you detailed instructions for further procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

To book your appointment with a specialist of Clinical Breast Examination Cbe in haripur, call at 042-32591427 or 0311-1222398. There are no extra charges for booking appointment through Marham.

No, there are no extra charges to book an appointment through marham.pk

The fee for specialists of Clinical Breast Examination Cbe in haripur varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

1 Clinical Breast Examination Cbe Doctors in haripur are:

  1. Dr. Farah Khan

Best 1 Clinical Breast Examination Cbe Doctors in haripur are:

  1. Dr. Farah Khan

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