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How can I find treatment of Cochlear Implants?

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What is a Cochlear Implant?

The cochlear implant is an electronic device that stimulates the cochlear nerve electrically. The implant is made up of both exterior and internal components. The exterior portion is located behind the ear, and it uses a microphone to gather up noises. It then processes the sound and sends it to the implant's internal component. While the inner portion is implanted beneath the skin behind the ear.

Cochlear Implant VS. Hearing Aid

Hearing aids increase the volume of acoustic sound in general and/or at specific frequencies. On the other hand, a cochlear implant device lets you hear through electrical stimulation. It is a surgically implanted device that converts acoustic sound into electrical impulses by bypassing your inner ear.

Who performs Cochlear Implant Surgery?

An ENT surgeon or an otolaryngologist usually performs cochlear implant surgery. He evaluates the youngster from a medical standpoint to determine that a cochlear implant is the best option. He is the one who will finally perform the surgical process of implantation.

Why is Cochlear Implant Surgery done?

If you are experiencing hearing loss and continue to rely extensively on lip reading, your doctor might suggest a cochlear implant. Individuals who are candidates for cochlear implant surgery include those who: