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Ms. Paughunda Aslam

Psychologist - ماہر نفسیات

MSc Applied Psychology, Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology

General Practitioner

4 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Ms. Paughunda Aslam

Asking for Self, Male, 23 years old

Problem Ka Pata Nhi Ha

My Question is that mera bohat bari rahta ha Bohat pressur bana rahta ouus time bohat gussa ata ha jis sa hearth taz ho jati ha Our rat ko kuch dar ka liay bohat zada sardi lagti ha

Asking for Self, Male, 28 years old

Frustration,and Psychological Issues

I am facing anxiety, depression and disturb Daily routine due to bad mood all the time. Not interested in any type Of work, lack Of concentration in all daily routine. Kindly help plz.

Asking for Mother, Female, 38 years old

Psychological Problem

Assalam o alaikum Respected Doctors this is the issue of my mother about 38 yrs actually domestic problems ki wja sy mere mama ka brain py bht asar parha ha wo choti si bat sy pareshan ho jati hn or zyada batain krny ya sunny sy...

Asking For Other, Female 2

Sexual Activity

she is 1year and 7 months old baby girl she trys to do sexual acts .Even she never exposed to such type of activity in home or outside the home .she remains at home with mother alone .she always kept on touching her genital area wit...

Asking For Self, Male 34

Physco Patient Can Be Treated By Neuropsysian?

physco patient can be treated by neuropsysian?

Asking For Self, Female 24

Anxiety ,sleeplessness In Days Or Nights, Overthinking,anger ,weight Loss

Have anxiety issues , sleeplessness in days or nights, overthinking,V.bad anger ,short temperament,weight loss(Basically due to 8 months ago father's death)

Asking For Self, Male 32

Foot Fetish

Suffering from severe foot fetish problem need session in clinic i'm from lahore

Asking For Self, Male 22

What Is The Treatment Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

having anxiety symptoms such as palpitations blurred vision suffocation brain fog

Asking For Self, Male 17

Stomach And Anxiety When Masturbate

when I masturbate some time later I feel some heat in my stomach then 3 hours ago I feel pain in my stomach and feel strongest fear and anxiety for month or more

Asking for Self, Male, 20 years old

Porn Addiction And Masturbation

Aslamolaykum, I am an undergraduate student. I have a severe issue that I have been watching porn since I was in 9th class. Now, it is my 7th year watching porn. Please help me I cannot restrain myself from this. I am facing many he...

Asking For Self, Male 27

Un Consumed Marriage

meri shadi ko taqriban do Saal hone wale hen mere hasband or mere darmiyan azdawaji talaq nahe ban pa raha or na in ka mind samajh a raha ha kindly phycologist tak kaise rabta kare ke online hamre bat ho jae

Asking For Self, Male 21

Anxiety Issues, Social Anxiety

Mera naam Shahbaz ali hai mujhy aj sa 7 saal pehly aik fear lga tha jis sa phir ye bhrta gya or sath ma dusry bhe issues ho gy anxiety feel hony lagi ma na marham app sa 2 dfa appointments ke ha doctor sa lakin medication sa khuch...

Asking For Self, Male 30

Dr Sahab Mere Dimgh Main Bure Khiyal Aate Hain

sir mujhe pata nhi kiya ho jata 24 ghanty tenshion hoti hai hathon ko 10 10 baar dhota hoon khabhi khabhi aisa lagta mera chere ka rang chang ho raha hai ya jo main soch raha hoon wo koi aur sun raha hai plz mujhe koi achi se tablet...

Asking For Self, Male 30

Mental Issue

Hello I need serious suggestions no appointment message because I am out of country. After my divorced before 7 months I never recovered and gone normal. I am in complete trauma, I tried many medicines and therapy sessions but my st...