Dr. Fatma Cakmak Celik





Call at 042-32591427. You do not have to pay any extra fee for booking an appointment through Marham.

Dr. Fatma Cakmak Celik has the following degrees: MD

Dr. Fatma Cakmak Celik is specialist Pediatrician. Her area of expertise include General Pediatric Care, Childhood Nutrition, Nutrition Assessment, Neonatology, Children Infections

Dr. Fatma Cakmak Celik charges Rs. 2000 for consultation


Dr Fatma Cakmak Celik is a certified Neonatologist with the basic medical degree from the School of Medicine (English Education), Hacettepe University. She is a very well known individual, famous for her competency and efficient dealing with critical cases. She is also a member of the Turkish Neonatal Society. Dr Fatma specifically deals in Neonatal Monitoring and Prematurity Problems. If you want to book an online appointment with her call at 03111222398