Top ENT Specialists In Karachi

Ear, nose, throat specialists are also known as otolaryngologists and deal with diseases and malfunctions of ear, nose, throat plus related organs in the area of head and neck. They offer medical and surgical treatments for the problems arising in these organs. They routinely manage issues affecting pharynx, larynx, oral cavity, ear infection, nose, nasal passages, face, and neck. Some of the most common problems handled by an ENT specialist include nosebleeds, sinusitis, tonsils, infected mastoids, and adenoidectomies.

Regarding ear, they deal with hearing problems, tinnitus, ear bleeds, balance disorders, nerve pains and disorders of the cranial nerve. In regard to nose and nasal passages, they treat problems such as chronic sinusitis. Coming towards throat their major concerns are related to swallowing problems, aero-digestive tract problems and they also offer help in voice disorders. Here is a list of certified and best ENT specialists in Karachi. Have a look & book your online appointment today!