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Dr. Muhammad Arif

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Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

MBBS, Diplomate American Board in Medic...

  • Verified Cancer Specialist / Oncologist
  • Lahore
  • PKR 2000

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Doctors Hospital (Lahore)

  • Mon, Tue, Wed
  • 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  • Fee: Rs. 2000
  • Johar Town, Lahore

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Dr. Muhammad Arif has the following degrees: MBBS, Diplomate American Board in Medical Oncology, Diplomate American board in Hematology, Diplomate American board in Medicine.

Dr. Muhammad Arif is specialist Cancer Specialist / Oncologist.

Dr. Muhammad Arif charges Rs. 2000 for consultation

Practice timings of Dr. Muhammad Arif are:

Doctors Hospital


  • 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM


  • 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM


  • 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Forum - Questions Answered

Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma G2

My mother recently went through Gallbladder Lap. Chole. And pathology report revealed Moderately Differentiated G2 Adenocarcinoma. Oncoligist further suggested few tests including PET CT Scan and the results are below. CA19.9------16.42 CA-125------16.9 CEA------1.49 PET SCAN findings revealed Metabolically active INTRA-thoracic lymph nodes are concerning for Metastatic disease. Hypermetabolic lymph node measures 11mm is observed in descending aorto-esopageal recess likely Metastatic. Now what should be next procedure? Is it curable. I am attaching the reports.

Cancer Treatment

My mother had surgery on july for breast cancer stage 2....I just wanted to know just radiation is enough for her or chemo is also necessary but she has prediabetic and heart pateint too and she doesnt want chemo

CA Ovaries

My wife was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer last year. 6 cycles of chemotherapy used. In March 2019 she was operated. In May her abdomen filled with asitic fluid again post operative chemotherapy didn't work. In June her intestine blocked. Then in August she was operated again but unfortunately Dr could not succeed. Now intestine blockage have become more savior.she can only use liquid like juice etc. What is next medicine or any other process available for her?

Skin Cancer Basal Cell ( Clark V )

Dear Respected Doctors, 5 years back my wife has small painless emboss on her right thigh and gradually it increased in 5 years we went to doctor who is tumor related he checked and said its nothing and we can remove but after removing he sent tumor to Shokat Khanim and found it was Skin Cancer so he checked with other doctors and after checking with other doctors he said she need another quick surgery to clean and all would be fine please i need your valuable advise and i would be heartily grateful please if you can tell me what should i do to clean her from this. Thank you so much ( Almighty Allah is more powerful and Merciful )

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