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45 Best Cancer Specialist / Oncologists In Lahore

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Dr. Amjad Sk Durrani

MBBS, AFSA (Medical Oncology), DMRT

Cancer Specialist / Oncologist




30 year(s)

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12 mins

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Dr. Fatima Khanum

MBBS, MD (UK), Haemostasis Acad (UK), Haemophilia Acad (Edin, UK), Senior Fellow Bone Marrow Trans...

Cancer Specialist / Oncologist, Haemoncologist, Hematologist




12 year(s)

Wait Time

31 mins

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somer Masood Malik


Cancer Specialist / Oncologist, Cancer Surgeon, General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon




21 year(s)

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Cancer Specialist / Oncologist In Lahore Introduction

Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Above is the list of PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) verified Oncologists in Lahore. You can view their experience, practice locations, timings, services, fees, and patient reviews. You can also find the best Oncologists in Lahore on the basis of area, fee, gender, and availability. More than 45 top Oncologists of Lahore are listed here. Book an appointment or consult online.

Who is an Oncologist?

Oncologists are specialist doctors who treat all types of cancer in both genders. They are specialized in treating all parts of the body affected by cancer. This includes skin cancer, blood cancer, thyroid cancer, lungs cancer, and mouth cancer, etc. Oncologists diagnose and treat these issues, by performing standard examinations and prescribing medicines. They also carry out chemotherapy, when necessary.

When to see an Oncologist?

Although Oncologists treat all sorts of cancer, you should see a Oncologists if you notice any of the following symptoms or issues:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • A cyst in any part of your body
  • Blood in cough
  • Blood in stool
  • Overall poor health
  • Lumps in your breast or testicles
  • Extremely low blood count

What issues do Oncologists in Lahore treat? 

Oncologists provide a wide range of services and can diagnose and treat many issues. Below are the issues treated by the Oncologists in Lahore.

  • Breast Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Leukemia
  • Oropharyngeal cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Colorectal cancer

You should book an appointment or consult online with the best Oncologists in Lahore if you have any of these cancers.

What types of Oncologists are there?

There are multiple types of Oncologists, who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of specific problems:

  • Medical Oncologists: These treat cancer through chemotherapy, biological therapy, hormonal therapy, and other targeted medical treatments. These are often considered the basic cancer doctors.
  • Surgical Oncologists: These specialists are responsible for carrying out surgeries involved in cancer treatment. The surgical oncologist will perform biopsies, cyst removal surgeries, or removal of a section of tissue so it can be tested for cancer cells.
  • Radiation Oncologists: These use radiation therapies to destroy cancerous cells in the body. Usually, half of all cancer patients require radiology treatments. So, you will have to consult radiology oncologists during cancer treatments.
  • Gynecologic Oncologists: These specialize in treating cancers in women-specific organs. Such cancers include ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, and vulvar cancer. They also treat other gynecological problems like endometriosis and fibroid tumors.
  • Pediatric Oncologists: These treat children with cancer. Even pediatric oncologists are divided further depending upon the part of the body they treat.

What is the qualification of an Oncologist?

In Pakistan, Oncologists are MBBS doctors who complete five years of study in a medical college. This is followed by one year of house job. After this, Cancer Oncologists become Fellows of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (FCPS) in their respective specialty.

All the Cancer Specialist/ Oncologists are PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) verified. However, many Oncologists go on to further specialization from abroad. These certifications include specialized oncology certifications like pediatric oncology, MD, FRCR, and others.

What things you should keep in mind while selecting an Oncologist? 

Before choosing a Oncologist, you need to think very carefully and evaluate your options on the following basis:

  • Experience of the Oncologist.
  • Services of the Oncologist: that whether a Oncologist provides the service you are looking for, or not.
  • Qualifications of the Oncologist: you should see how qualified the Oncologist is.
  • Reviews of the patients: you should read the patients' feedback. This will help you in making an informed decision for Oncologists to see.

Who are the best Oncologists in Lahore? 

On the basis of experience, reviews, and patient feedback, we have shortlisted the top five Oncologists in Lahore. The names are as follows:

    • Dr. Amjad Sk Durrani practicing in Video Consultation
    • Dr. Fatima Khanum practicing in Video Consultation
    • Asst. Prof. Dr. Abbas Khokhar practicing in Video Consultation
    • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somer Masood Malik practicing in Ammar Medical Complex Hospital

Book Appointment or Consult Online Through Marham.pk:

You can book an appointment or online video consultation with the best Cancer Specialists / Oncologists in Lahore through Marham.pk - Pakistans No.1 healthcare platform. You can book your appointment online or call our helpline: 03111222398. Marham has so far helped 10 Million+ patients to book their appointments with verified doctors. We are the largest service-providing startup in Pakistan. Google and Facebook have awarded Marham in recognition of its services.

We have registered the best Cancer Specialist/ Oncologists in Lahore on our platform. Now, you can avail the best healthcare with ease and comfort. Patients reviews, practice details, experience, timing slots are available to make it easier for you to book an appointment. You can also consult online, with the best Cancer Specialist/ Oncologists in Lahore, and discuss your issues via audio/video call.

Reviews of Best Cancer Specialist / Oncologists in Lahore

Dr. Ali Akbar - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "My friend's relative had colon cancer. He visit doctor and is safe and happy now."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nauman Siddique - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "Good"

Dr. Ruqayya Khan - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "By the grace of Allah Almighty Dr. Ruqayya Khan was such a nice and humble doctor. Very cooperative and sincere with her patients . Very well satisfied experience with her. I appreciate her work capabilities and her hard work in her field. "

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mushahida Batool - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "Loved her consultation. She definitely knows how to make a patient happy. Highly recommended to anybody with breast issues."

Dr. Amjad Sk Durrani - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "Excellent oncologist My brother suffered a rare tumour 2 years back in the chest rendered untreatable in Shaukat khanum/Mayo/ Inmol and other pvt hosp Dr Durrani took the challenge. Treated my brother with chemotherapy.After 6 months of treatment my brother is Mashaa Allah as normal as any body.His attidute towards his patients is commendable. "

Dr. Najam Ul Hasan - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "Dr. Najam Ul Hasan is a very fine doctor. I took my grandfather to Dr. Najam. We are pretty much satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment of Dr. Najam Ul Hasan. I highly recommend him to other patients as well."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abbas Khokhar - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "I have found the Dr. Abbas Khokhar very cooperative and caring. My daughter had her Bone Marrow Transplant and Alhamdulillah she is getting better day by day. I would like to mention Dr. Abbas Khokhar especially because he is the best doctor I have ever seen."

Dr. Hassan Pervez - Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Review:- "he is really good "

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer Specialist / Oncologists specialists in Lahore provide the best services and treat issues like Lung Cancer, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Peripheral Nerve Tumors, Pharmacotherapy, Radiotherapy, Spinal Cord Tumor

The fee of the best Cancer Specialist / Oncologist in Lahore ranges from PKR 500 to PKR 3000.

You can book an appointment online by visiting the doctor’s profile, or call our Marham helpline: 03111222398 to book your appointment.

There are no additional fees for booking an appointment or consulting online with Marham. You only have to pay the doctor's fees.

You can choose a Cancer Specialist / Oncologist based on their experience, patient reviews, services, qualification, and locations.

By selecting your location from the filters bar, you can find a Cancer Specialist / Oncologist in Lahore

You can use any of the following payment methods:

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