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Patient Questions from Dr. Ali Arslan

Asking for Other, Female, 6.5 years old

Teeth Not Erupting

Its been 6 months my daughter front baby teeth has fallen but permanent teeth is not erupting her gums are swollen but still no eruption. Moreover her teeths are falling so quickly she is just 6 and half years old and half of her mo...

Asking for Sister, Female, 31 years old

Maxillofacial Surgery

Please check the x-ray cbct of my sister. She had a cyst under her molar tooth and had major surgery. Lately she had cough, and now she is having pain in that area again. Please check and tell what is the reason of pain.

Asking For Self, Male 22

Teeth Shape Problem

Assalamualaikum sir mere Mouth k nechy jabry waly dant agy ho gaye hain us k suna hai k Wire lagaty hain us barey main detail se batain

Asking For Self, Male 34

Pain In Almost All Teeth

facing pain in all teeth and also decay ..aware in Ramzan specially

Asking for Self, Female, 23 years old

Swere Toothche

I have problem of toothache...4 and half month pregnant and have swere pain in my gums what should I do

Asking for Self, Female, 19 years old

Teeth Allignment

My front two teeths are not alligned. I want cheap treatment in lahore. Kindly suggest me affordable dr.

Asking for Self, Male, 22 years old

Dentists Problem

Assalam-u-alaikum sir me na apna teeth clean krwna hay..means white krwna hay...fees bta dein kitna ho gai White clean krna ki..I am form islambad margalla town

Asking For Self, Male 22

Front Tooth Cavity

I have cavities in my front teeth ( As shown in picture ) What is best treatment will I need and how much is cost? Thanks

Asking for Self, Female, 24 years old

Dental Braces

Hi i got Braces about 2 years before. In Corona days my braces removed and i got retainers. Now I'm seeing a little gap in my teeths again. Kindly recommend me some govt place from where i can get braces again. Anyone who can help f...

Asking For Self, Female 46

Dental Problem

plz m ne 3 mah pahly 7th dant oopee wala remoove kerwaya h jo k abi tk heal nh ho raha xray krwaya to root rah gai hn jo k ooper bahut hn nasal k pass abi mje pain nh h .plz advise me nkalwana zaroori h ?bone kat k nkalen ge kya??

Asking For Self, Male 35

Wisdom Teath Problam

aoa 3 month pehle mari left side ki darh pa gosht men bahot derd hota tha doctor ne kaha ye operation se nkalna pare ga . lakin main ne nai nklwaya . ab darh k ooper wala gosht to theek hai . main mun bhi sahi khol sakta hon. laki...

Asking For Self, Male 21

Tooth Problem

my wisdom teath is growing from last 30 days. it is very painfull still. nothing is eaten on this side. plz tell me any tablet that it grow fast and i feel relaxed. no pain

Asking For Self, Male 27

Teeth Ma Sorakh Ha Jis Waja Say Dard Ha

last teeth ma sorakh ki waja say dar ha doctor ko b dekhya ha madicen b khai ha laken pain ni khatam hota please koi madicen recommend kra

Asking For Sister, Female 28


while doing brush always blood comes from gums plz suggest any brush or toothpaste or treatment

Asking for Self, Male, 20 years old

Diestema, Teeth Gap, Smile Difficulty And Want To Remove Plaque

I'm having front teeth gap and want to get an instant correction.

Asking for Self, Female, 42 years old

Teeth Problem

4 of my teeth have fallen, now gums are descending, which means my bottom teeth are out of shape, how much will 4 implants cost in Pakistan ?

Asking For Self, Male 28

Space In Back Of Teeth And Yellow Colour

facing space in back of my lower teeth

Asking For Self, Male 32

Teeth Bleeding

AOA,Dear Doctor shb mjhe teet bleeding 10 years sy hain.daily bursh krta hu paste kafi change ki hain lakin bleeding nahi gayi.

Asking For Someone else, Sister, Female, 25 Years old

Dental Cavities, Infection And Extreme Swelling And Pain

Can a dentist please interpret my sisters dental xray? She has severe pain and swelling in her left side jaw.

Asking For Self, Female 25


there is this black thing i dont know if it is blood r what between my frontal tooth and my gums frontal gums bleed on brushing . can someone tell what it is and how it can be treated is it tooth decay? i am worried . tooth are blac...