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Cardiac Surgeon


Salam. I have strange discomfort on left side where heart it. when I sleep on. left side it feels like some weight is put on ribs and i can feel heart beating. apart from that my heart beat becomes fast if i climb stairs or starts t...

Cardiac Surgeon

Pulmonary Hypertention(PH)

i had my two left heart valves replace but still has mild to moderate PH. I am 33 years young and was hoping it get away after the surgery. Still can't do anaerobic exercises or running although my lifestyle is too sedantry.

Cardiac Surgeon


Can anyone tell me the best surgeon in Rawalpindi, anyone can tell me the situation I attached pls.

Cardiac Surgeon

Heart Valve Problem

i am told after Echocadiography that my volve is shrinked and the other has leakage .i need guidance what should i do to whom should i consult

Cardiac Surgeon

Cardic Surgery

Asalamu alaikum yeh mery husband ki stiches waly area ki pic hai unki cardiac surgery hoi thy 27 may 2021 ko tricuspid valve repair hua hai ab pechny 2 haftun say un k atiches wali jaga phoolti ja rhy hai smjh nh a rha kya ho rha ha...

Cardiac Surgeon


My mother was having left side pain for which we consulted a dr. who run 02 tests ecg (which shows normal result) Eco: in which he said that there is a problem in one wall. Results and medicine names are attached. Also he said to do...

Cardiac Surgeon

Thoracic Surgery

Assalamu alaykum. My CT scan report showed a mass lesion in chest near heart area. CT scan report says it's probably thymoma or germ cell tumor. I consulted a board of thoracic surgeons but they had a difference of opinion. Some sai...

Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac Problem

Hello! I having heart problem. I was born with this issue but I ignored it and i didn’t take care of it. About 1.5 years ago i went to a cardiologist and he recommended me for CT Angio because my heart problem wasn’t clear to th...

Cardiac Surgeon

Post Surgical

I had bypass surgery on january 28 2020 ...surgical wound on chest has got a blister which burst on its own last night...white liquid came oue out with blood..what should i be doing..

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