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Asking For Self, Male 32, Gujrat

Sir i was given "inderal 10 mg" by my neuro for anxiety. Its now about 5 months i am taking it daily morning 10mg dose.....my neuro isnt reachable now and i want to stop it...i tried to stop it and didnt take it for 2 days but faced issues like rapid heartbeats etc... Plz guide me proper way to stop it.... Thanx

Cardiologist in Karachi - Dr. Atif Iqbal

Dr. Atif Iqbal - Cardiologist

MBBS , FCPS (Cardiology) | Karachi


1 Positive Reviews

you have to do ecg for further evolution

Member of Marham-Forum

take half tablet twice daily for next 2 weeks then once daily for 2 weeks then stop.

Cardiologist in Karachi - Dr. Arslan Soneel

Dr. Arslan Soneel - Cardiologist

MBBS , FCPS (Cardiology) | Karachi


6 Positive Reviews

for how long have u been anxious? and have u got your thyroid profile? and recent ecg?

Cardiologist in Multan - Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Masood Iqbal Bhutta

Initially take it on alternate days for two weeks, then every 3rd day for two weeks. Then you can stop it.
Being young male, to take Inderal for long time may cause problems. So, better to discontinue...

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Ramsha Waleed

Ramsha Waleed - Psychologist

BS (Psychology), Advanced Diploma In CBT, Certified of Pharmacotherapy | Faisalabad


81 Positive Reviews

my dear brother, if u r having anxiety issues, then u should consult me or any other psychologist for a proper balanced emotional health... taking medicines provide temporary relief.. they do not empower us to struggle and cope with the underlying issues.. we need to boost our courage to tackle all the inline issues and problems.. there r effective anxiety relieving techniques which provide better adaption to the environment and help us live better..
i recommend u to step forward towards a better emotional health.. jazak Allah

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Ayesha Kanwal

Dr. Ayesha Kanwal - Homeopath

DHMS , RHMP, C Aesthetics | Karachi


121 Positive Reviews

Book appointment via marham or visit my insta id


Cardiologist in Rawalpindi - Dr. Bakht Umar Khan

Dr. Bakht Umar Khan - Cardiologist

MBBS (KMU), FCPS (Cardiology), MCPS (Internal Medicine), Diploma in Diabetology (Canada) | Rawalpindi


2 Positive Reviews

u need to stop it slowly and gradually

Cardiologist in Wah Cantt - Dr. Farhan Ahmed Khan

Dr. Farhan Ahmed Khan - Cardiologist

MBBS , Master of Cardiovascular medicine , MD (Cardiology) | Wah Cantt


8 Positive Reviews

you can stop it by reducing dose but better do it under supervision of cardiologist...

Cardiologist in Hyderabad - Dr. Adil Azim

Dr. Adil Azim - Cardiologist

MBBS, Diploma in Cardiology | Hyderabad


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come online plz

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