Cardiologist .urgent

A month ago due to anxiety I had palpitations. Now my anxiety is gone but my palpitations are getting worst. I have them when I'm praying, walk a small distance, lying down. After an hour our few minutes they come back . palpitations never scared me but yesterday I had this weird beat. I was sitting and suddenly my heart was like a very strong or hard beat for 4 or 5 seconds which felt like it's stuck. then 3 beats that were same but lasted 2 sec and then it was back to normal. it happend today too my ECG is fine. no family history with heart probs.


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Kindly consult today with your reports. you might need further evaluation.


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Assalamualaikum. The first thing that I want to say is please don't worry. You should have basic investigations performed such as blood tests for Hemoglobin and thyroid function tests. You may need an echocardiogram and some other investigations.


Xain Suleman

Sir Assalm allikum . I have problem with my heart beat when i sit mostly it is normal. But when i stand and walk it gone to 110/min after 1-2 min it comes to 90-95.n i feel some thing blasting in my head.and feel heart beat sound .I am very worried i do Ecg and blood test and all is perfect in reports. Please suggest me. I use indleral 10 mg. 1 tab daily as per local doctor. Hope for answer thanks