Chest Pain And Sweating

angioplasty was done after heart attack in july i feel chest pain and sweating from one prescribed medicines are Lipitor 10mg aspirin 100mg glucophage XR 500mg concor cor i have attached some of my reports.detailed reports can be provided.


MBBS, Diploma (Cardiology) | Karachi

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I have viewed ur reports u attached.wen u do feel pain n sweating during rest or working and intensity duration.kindly consultant again for new ecg n others tests.u need evaluation now.


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Kindly Get An Angiography Done On Urgent Basis to look for the patency of stent and to rule out disease in other arteries.


MBBS, FCPS (Cardiology) | Lahore

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It can be angina so please come to masood hospital, near kalma chowk  on Monday 14th May at 3:15 pm for check up



MBBS, FCPS (Cardiology) | Lahore

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History of a previous heart attack and current history of chest pain with
sweating suggest problems of the remaining heart vessels or the previously
placed stent. Nuclear scan has a tendency to miss this problem in 20 to 30%
patients. Also there are variations between reading physicians opinions.
The drugs mentioned by the patient lacks a drug called plavix and the
cholesterol medications dose is too small.
I would suggest a repeat angiogram and prescription of the necessary
medications as well.


MD, FACC, FSCAI | Lahore

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Sir you need re evaluation as early as possible with possibly a repeat angiography
Kindly set up an appointment with your cardiologist in Dubai or if in Lahore please get an appointment with office at your earliest.
Seems like you you have recurrent angina and either a new blockage or the stent has re narrowed


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Thank you Dr. I have already booked an appointment with you on tuesday..can i restart taking plavix 75mg from tomorrow as i stopped it from one year until i meet you in person.

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sir i have send chest scan report any advice