Heart Issue

aoa......attached herewith are pictures of reports of a heart patient currently admitted in a hospital. the doctors say that he needs a bypass surgery but his heart is not strong enough t tolerate the surgery.kindly analyse the reports and enlighten me with ur views about the scenario. the patient is 57 yrs old ,non smoker and a diabetic, from last 27 yrs , on insulin.


Woa. .i want to know about thallium viability report ???


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I need to look at angiogram. Can you please bring his angiogram CD?
Also we can discuss with surgeons at our hospital . They do high risk patients as well
Kindly make an appointment .
I am currently in Usa and will be available June 4th onwards


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Surgery is high risk no doubt. But it should be done. Patient is also at
high risk without it as he is having severe coronary artery disease and
would definitely not be able to tolerate myocardial infarction . I think
surgery is the right option specially since all territories are viable and
improving their blood supply will help the patient in the longer run.. but
the relatively higher risk of surgery must also be kept in mind while
making this decision.


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the surgery is a high risk surgery but looking at the angiography report the patient needs urgent revascularzation. if you can kindly consult with the CD, I can have a look and we can discuss if there is an option of Angioplasty