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Asking For Self, Female 22, Lahore

MRI choty hoty Sy heartbeat fast hoti the jab ma 11, 12 years ki the tab doctors ny inderal start krwae hoi the 40 mg 3 times a day lekin m n band krdi after 2 years , ab MRI heart beat phr fast o Rai h last time oximeter p jab check ki the 133 the or alarm start o gya tha oximeter p or digits red o gay thy os Sy phly bh jab bh check ki 119, 122 ,109 above h ha 100 sy family history bh h heart ki Abu ko ha or ma last year diabetic hoi hon ma or diabetes ki bh family history ha mother father dno ko ha kindly suggest any medicine and medical investigation

Cardiologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Wajid Sadiq

Dr. Muhammad Wajid Sadiq - Cardiologist

MBBS, FCPS Cardiology (Resident)* | Lahore


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Pulse oximeter is not good device for measuring your heart rate. better to calculate manually for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.
second fast heart rate (tachycardia) has many reasons.
it can be secondary to anxiety, metabolic diseases like thyroid and cardiac illnesses.
you should record a 12 lead ecg, and have a follow-up with a nearby physician for proper evaluation and making a diagnosis.


Post Owner

ok I will then I'll let you know

2 years ago

Cardiologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Wajid Sadiq
Dr. Muhammad Wajid Sadiq - Cardiologist

MBBS, FCPS Cardiology (Resident)* | Lahore | Book Appointment

review-stars 2 Positive Reviews


2 years ago

Cardiologist in Lahore - Dr. Hamid Mahmood

Dr. Hamid Mahmood - Cardiologist

MBBS , Diploma in Cardiology , Diploma in Public Health | Lahore


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You need following investigations
2-T3, T4, TSH
4-Blood Sugar
Pls consult after above investigations done


Post Owner

T3 T4 TSH are normal baqi test m krwa laite

2 years ago

Member of Marham-Forum

Better to do thyroid function and a 24 hours tape monitor. If your thyroid is normal and 24 hours heart beat shows fast rate with normal rhythm then you can take meds that can keep heart rate slow. You will need proper assessment by cardio

Cardiologist in Karachi - Prof. Dr. Zamir A Siddiqui

Prof. Dr. Zamir A Siddiqui - Cardiologist

MBBS, M.Phil (Clinical Pharmacology), M.D (Cardiology), Dip Diab. (Diplomate Diabetology), Ph.D. Scholar (Clinical Pharmacology) | Karachi


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1. Blood test: CBC, ASOT., TSH
2. Echo

Homeopath in Karachi - Dr. Ayesha Kanwal

Dr. Ayesha Kanwal - Homeopath

DHMS , RHMP, C Aesthetics | Karachi


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