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Talk to Cardiologist on Weird Chest Pain


Asking For Self, Female 21, Karachi

aoa, From past 2 two I am having weird chest pain. Most of the time it is on left side of chest sometimes it is right side of chest that come and goes. I am feeling heaviness too. I am having gastric issue and sometimes I feel I am suffering from suffocation. Can you plz tell me what is the issue is it cardiac issue or anxiety issue or it is gas related issue. Pain location I have describe in the picture thankyou

Cardiologist in Karachi - Dr. Mumtaz Ali

Dr. Mumtaz Ali - Cardiologist

MBBS, Diploma In Cardiology | Karachi


6 Positive Reviews

cervical pain

Member of Marham-Forum

examination and further investigations needed.

Cardiologist in Hyderabad - Asst. Prof. Dr. Lajpat Rai

Asst. Prof. Dr. Lajpat Rai - Cardiologist

MBBS, FCPS (Cardiology), Fellowship Intervention Cardiology, Certified EECC ( European Examination of Core Cardiology), Certified EAPCI Part-A ( European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions) | Hyderabad


35 Positive Reviews

History suggestive non cardiac pain but should be rule out.. advise ecg and concerned with cardiologist.

Cardiologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Shahjehan Mirza

Dr. Muhammad Shahjehan Mirza - Cardiologist

MD, FCPS (Cardiology) , MACC | Lahore


33 Positive Reviews

it seems non cardiac pain. need to investigate and examin. beter visit physically to a doctor. (ECG, CBC, calcium, Vit D levels)

Cardiologist in Lahore - Dr. Muhammad Wajid Sadiq

Dr. Muhammad Wajid Sadiq - Cardiologist

MBBS, FCPS Cardiology (Resident)* | Lahore


2 Positive Reviews

from history its most likely anxiety/ Fibromyalgia

Cardiologist in Hyderabad - Dr. Adil Azim

Dr. Adil Azim - Cardiologist

MBBS, Diploma in Cardiology | Hyderabad


1 Positive Reviews

need more history about pain any family H/o heart disease and further investigation

Cardiologist in Karachi - Prof. Dr. Zamir A Siddiqui

Prof. Dr. Zamir A Siddiqui - Cardiologist

MBBS, M.Phil (Clinical Pharmacology), M.D (Cardiology), Dip Diab. (Diplomate Diabetology), Ph.D. Scholar (Clinical Pharmacology) | Karachi


545 Positive Reviews

Anxiety issue

Cardiologist in Karachi - Dr. Abdul Hafeez

Dr. Abdul Hafeez - Cardiologist

MBBS, Diploma in (Cardiology) | Karachi


3 Positive Reviews

Aoa. you need to visit in clinic for proper evaluation and examination so that relevant tests can be prescribed and treatment accordingly.

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