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Asking For Self, Male 18, Toba Tek Singh

Asslamo alaikum I have heard from a competitive cardiologist about a fact. He said that if person has not any heart issue diagnosed and he is able to do any physical activity like walking, swimming etc for at least 30 minutes then he has a healthy heart and has not any heart disease. Is it true?

Member of Marham-Forum

true in most cases

Cardiologist in Quetta - Dr. Javed Hussain

Dr. Javed Hussain - Cardiologist

MBBS , Diploma In Cardiology | Quetta


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w Allaikum Dallas
mostly it's true..

Cardiologist in Lahore - Dr. Sakha Muqeet

Dr. Sakha Muqeet - Cardiologist

MBBS, FCPS (cardiology) | Lahore


10 Positive Reviews

wa alaikum assalam. yes. it is true

Cardiologist in Lahore - Dr. Hammad Khan

Dr. Hammad Khan - Cardiologist

| MD | | Lahore


3 Positive Reviews

yes he is fine

Cardiologist in Faisalabad - Dr. Habib Aslam Gaba

Dr. Habib Aslam Gaba - Cardiologist

MBBS, Diploma In Cardiology | Faisalabad


32 Positive Reviews

Wa Alaikum Salam,

Thanks for asking this important question.

Yes it may be true but to some extent as your question says "not any heart disease" is a bit tricky statement. It depends upon which heart disease, ailment, disorder or condition is being considered and focused upon in your question.

If you can narrow down the question funneling it to the heart disease type being asked, I would be addressing it accordingly.

Best regards

Dr. Habib Aslam Gaba

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