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Pregnancy Guidance

I m pregnant and now 7 th month is started today i visited my gynecologist she prescribed me 2 doses of betnesol after the gap of 24 hours and 1 dose of tetnus toxoid vaacine I took only 1 dose of betnesol the other will be injecte...

General Practitioner

Acne On Arms

Three weeks ago an acne appeared on my mother's arm. It grew bigger with lots of pus. Ammi took antibiotic and fucidin cream. now 6-7 little acnes are also growing big around the area. What should she take? It occurred one week aft...

General Practitioner


Please check my report everything is fine

General Practitioner

Constipation Isse

Me ny 15 june ko piles ki surgery kewai hain constipation meri jaan nhi chor rha koi esi medicine jo es ka permantly hal nkaly, lalic, dofalic use kr k thak gya ho

General Practitioner

Pain And Swelling From Left Hip Joint

sir I am 28 years old female married. I have feel swelling from my left hip joint and elbow from last 2 weeks.

General Practitioner


dr shb mai bouth weak ho chuka ho koi food suppliment bta dy plz

General Practitioner

I Am Fasting From Last 18 Months Should I Continue?

Hello dear people, I have been fasting for the last 18 months and I eat 2 to 3 Rotis at night and do not eat anything at Sehri. I am 24 years old. Should I Continue fasting and how will it affect my health? Thanks

General Practitioner

Breast And Armpit Pain

I am feeling right breast and armpit pain from 1 week used painkillers but not affected. I visited to general and breast surgeon she did my breast ultrasound and diagnosed fibrodenoma size 0.6× 0.3 cm benign. She didnot prescribe an...

General Practitioner

Multi Vitamins

What multivitamins are recommended for a 15 year old girl? She feels dizziness when she stands up fast and is pale. She has some times constipation or some time diarhea. Nothing in between. What is recommended?

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