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Height 5'6" wt 64 kg .. hi Bp patient keep control with diet . Pain in left heel that worse in morning as impossible to be on my feet ... I was quit normal ..I used to walk 60 mints daily since years ... in March 2017 I feel discomfort with my shoes in walk then I changed so many sleepers n shoes for comfortable walk ..then finally I realized I have pain in my heel ... From july its getting worse ... During Namaz I feel I have swelling in my left ankle n in leg too .. My heel pain seems worse when I get to my feet after I’ve been sitting down for some time. ... now I need recommendations for Good Dr for this issue ...


MBBS, MCPS (Community Medicine), PGD (Nutritionist) | Karachi

u need proper local examination and u may need cbc, s.uric acid level, and
r a foctor u may also need to test blood sugar fasting and lipid profile
and x ray foot ap and lateral from a good reliable lab. dow or aga khan
etc.meanwhile u can take some painkiller like nuberol, voren or synflex.
these will temporary subside ur problem but long term use of medicine may
cause some sides effects

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