I have piles issue.. feel immense pain and bruise inside and cuts outside. Any type of yeast and spices affects me in no time and this issue gets active again. I am regularly taking some remedy like isphogel and fibrous fruits but still have serious issues. Kindly respond to my query..I will be grateful Jazak Allah khair


Apply lignocaine ointment and 0.2% GTN cream local application before defecation.
Ispaghula husk 2 tsf three times a day
Increase water Intake.
Avoid meat of any kind for 3 weeks.
You will be fine. Follow up with me after 3 weeks



Wanted to confirm whether on passing stools u feel a mass or not n do u have blood stained stools or framk bleed meaning at the beginning or at the end of be passing stools

Awaiting your reply

Till then
Add fresh salads a medium bowl esp in the afternoon
At least 8 to 12 glasses of water
Add in oats n youghurt in ur breakfast
Avoid spices
Avoid long period of standing
Avoid sitting on hard surfaces
Use lignocaine cream bfr passing stools

If stools are hard
U can use glycerine suppository bfr passing the stool
This will help in reducing the pain too

Will wait for your answers


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Aoa. you have anal fissure. you can take the meds prescribed by dr Ahsan javed.
if its not healing by them, better to see a surgeon. there are further treatment options available.
consult in clinic for further assessment.


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Well I can see it must be very painful and disturbing for you. It looks like you are having a condition called anal fissure, in which a cut is made deep through the skin involving the anus as well. What you are doing is good enough but for detailed evaluation of the problem you must see a surgeon, May you get well soon. Thank you