UTI And Anal Irritation

Hello Doctor, I'm facing an issue of infection, when Stool pass, it cause pressure even stool is not hard, I get urine drops pass through the Urinary Tract and My Eyes become reddish and cause infection, it make me upset and I feel Irritation in Anal, then I get Frequent Urination, I'm very upset due to this, please guide.


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You might be having urinary tract infection. Need to see a physician for urine and blood tests and he can start you on treatment. Thanks


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It looks that you are in quite trouble because of your urinary and stool problems. Your problems seem interrelated, it may be infection of your urine only or may be something else like any problems related to your anus (from where you pass stools). Please tell me if your ever had any ulcers in your mouth or any single large joint pain like in your knee, ankle etc or may be u usual backache?
Till that time you can start with
Tablet Ciproxin 500 mg twice a day and Tablet Nims 100mg twice a day
And if you could please get your urine routine examination (test) done
Thank you and get well soon


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Please see me in clinic