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Neuro Surgeon

Head Injury

my friend was working in kitchen suddenly heavy non stick dishes fall on her head, she has many gomra in her head. At first there was bleeding after that there is pain, heaviness. it's been 2 days. she's taking panadol and applying...

Neuro Surgeon

Pituatry Stalk Thickening

my husband is a paitent of central diabetes insipidus, mri scan shows pituatry stalk thickening with no lesions, his ace and acth levels are high, is there any specialist who has treated such case? should we consult with some neuros...

Neuro Surgeon

Brain Tumor

Aoa, I am attaching reports of MRI of 34 years old female which showed some tumor. Patient was having regular migraines and weak eyesight. The surgery is on tuesday. Pls tell what kind of a tumor does it look like and what is the pr...

Neuro Surgeon

Anyone Who Knows Paraganglioma?

I had a cystoscopy done for my mother and biopsy sent which came in as paraganglioma. its v rare and 2 out of million has it. anyone willing to share his/her thoughts around what could be done?

Neuro Surgeon

About Brain MRI

Mere abu ka brain MRI hua... Report aa gaii prr Dr ki chutti hai... Iss me kia masla hai Asan alfaz me samjha dyn...

Neuro Surgeon

Required Neurologist

Any dr, plz mery abu ko dr nay opreation ka bhola hai agar koi neurologist ho jo is opreation k bary ma jantaa ho or munasib yeh opreation kitny ma ho jaay gha ma ik greeb bnda hu ma sab reports sath attached kr raha hu

Neuro Surgeon


Mery sar ma bachpan ma chot lagi thi ab masla ya ha k muje kohi cheez yad nahi hoti kohi cheez yad karta ho tu sar ma booj hota ha

Neuro Surgeon

My Sister Facing Brain Tummer Issue.

I m searching experience neurosurgeon in lahore

Neuro Surgeon

Neurosurgeons Plz Help.

I started Paramox (paroxetine) 20mg yesterday morning, but it caused me nausea till evening...today morning i took it again and it is same nausea feeling....plz guide me should i change the dosage?? because my Neuro isn't available...

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