My daughter diagonosed tb by doctor treatment is in process but now she have saver coughing kindly advice


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hmm how much time spend since she is taking tb drugs and how is she diagnosed

well you can give syp t day 1 tbsp morning and evening along with syp muconyl half tbsp 3 times

I will recommend to kindly consult good pulmonologist


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I am sorry to hear that your young daughter is suffering from this illness. However I would like to assure you that it is a completely curable disease.

Cough is a reflex as a result of irritation in upper airways of the lungs. A persistent cough in TB patients doesn't necessarily mean that infection is getting worse.

Response to treatment can be gauged by other symptoms such as fever, night sweats, improvement in eating and drinking in children and weight gain. There are blood and sputum tests which are very helpful in tracking progress or success of treatment. ESR in blood and AFB smear from sputum are common ways used by doctors to see response of treatment.

It's extremely important that patient remains in isolation until AFB smear is negative to prevent transmission of TB.

Please remember that despite a successful treatment cough may persist for sometime. You can try over the counter cough syrup but unfortunately most of the time they don't work or provide very short term relief.


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Wats age
Age >10 syp pacific dm 1spoon twice a day
Age <10> 5 1/2 spoon less thn 5 consult child specilist