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Pulmonologist / Lung

Extreme Cough And Stomach Pain

5 days Se cough hai aur stomach pain ke sath vomits hain, koi bhi meal lene par vomits ho Rahi hai, solution required pls

Pulmonologist / Lung

Post Nasal Drip. Nasal Allergy

Assalamalaikum sir. کیرا کیا بیماری ہے۔ مجھے کئی سالوں سے گلے میں بلغم گرتا ہے اور آنکھوں سے پانی آتا ہے سر کے فرنٹ سائیڈ پر درد رہتا ہے۔ میں کئی بار بہت سے ڈاکٹروں سے اس کا علاج کیا ٹھیک نہیں ہو رہا۔ میری تھوڑی زمین تھی اس کو بھی...

Pulmonologist / Lung

Shortness Of Breath And Irregular Heart Rhythm

From the past 6-7 days, I m constantly suffering from severe shortness of breathing and irregular heart rhythm all the day .. I have these problems from 3-4 yrs but it was not severe But Now every second This problem is putting an...

Pulmonologist / Lung

Lungs And Pulmonary Issue

Sir bacho 2month ki he. Private hospital me 25 din se he.. Lungs and pulmonary ka issue h.. Phle buble c pap 4/4 oxygen pe thi ab 1liter oxygen pe h.. Oxygen 1 liter p 10 se h.. Recover nh horhi.. Suggest me

Pulmonologist / Lung

Lung Cancer

short history of 4 months. Cough, suffocation, lost of Wight & weekness.

Pulmonologist / Lung

I Am Facing Shortness Of Breath

I have a gerd and facing shortness of breath for a long time

Pulmonologist / Lung


khansi hoti hai sans ruk jata hai lungs bhatny waly hoo jaty hain kis doctr ko check karin sir

Pulmonologist / Lung

Saas K Msla

saas k msla hut h mjje aksr sas lyna m bhut msla hut kabhe kbhe

Pulmonologist / Lung

Lungs Fluid

Aoa, My brother is having a little fluid (Pleural) in his lungs, i am attaching his reports of the fluid taken from his lungs, please guide whats the problem.

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