Coughing. Problem In Breath Taking


salam dr i am suffering with coughing issue. first this problem start with sneezing then soar throat and after that coughing its not normal coughing.when i eat any cold thing like ice cream or take any fizzy drink or eat youghrt or rice after that some different sounds start in my chest and creat problem in breath taking and non stop coughing now it getting wors its really hard to take breat and start pain in my chest then i take fexet tablet and after some hours it gives me relief .first it happened once in a week but now its regular like after a day


Although you did not mention age but you have allergy.Take tab freehale 10
mg daily.

Dr. Muhammad Atiq Ul Mannan - Pulmonologist / Lung Specialist


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You are most likely suffering from bronchial asthma along with allergic
symptoms that needs to be addressed seriously. However a through check up
is necessary before advising appropriate medicines. Hope I addressed the


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Thank you so much for your reply. actually i am not in pak and here i went to dr he gave me hay fever medicine which is not helpful any more and its becoming frired came from pak and she gave me fexet which is temporary solution .do i need to tell dr it is asthema

1 year ago

Dr. Mateen Ahmed Khan - Pulmonologist / Lung Specialist

MBBS, MCPS (Pulmonology) | Karachi

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asthma alone on history basis is not always establish rather it requires sometime pulmonary function test

I will recommend you should go for bronchial provocation test or allergen test so that nature and kind of allergen can be known

Fexet is a good antiallergic

I will also recommend you to kindly consult good pulmonologist as disease diagnosis is essential for complete control or eradication of disease, self medication can be dangerous and harmful sometimes especially if used prolong

Dr. Muhammad Rehan Sarwar - General Physician

MBBS, MD (Pulmonology) | Islamabad

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Take tab montiget 10mg at night for 2wk
Syp pacific dm three time a day for 1 week

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