Difficulty In Breathing, When Walk Oxygen Level Decrease To 60%

My mom has got infection in Chest, and facing issue of swelling and short breath. She is admitted in hospital but her PCO2 level is at 65 and PO2 is 59. As she is very old diabetis and Blood pressure patient. We have tried few treatement with hospital admission to cure her Chest infection, but nothing work. And now doctors said she need to BiPAP machine and that is only her solution to use it 8 hours every day for life. Is there really solution?


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Well diagnosis is essential, I think first immediately consult good pulmonologist in your area
If home bipap it is not necessary that it is forever so things can be controlled if promptly tackled


blood gases show compensated type 2 respiratory failure.need to review her history,wether she had any previous chronic lung disease now leading to respiratory failure... some time patients need home bipap,but not necessarily always for life time, except if the diagnosis is OSA or OHS ..you need to consult pulmonologist and keep in touch with your doctor.


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She was admitted for 5 days in Chest ward, but as soon as we brought home, she again started low oxygen level to 60%, now I am putting her on Oxygen.

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